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CUSTOM WARLORD on MALDEN (vanilla faction) no mods required.

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Its a heavely customized version for veteran gameplay type (no extented map content...), the parameter are locked and i will explain why later.


Parameter of the mission :
-Each side start with 1 sector (base) and 0 CP.
-Each base got an helipad unlocked.
-Teleport to contested sector is disabled, only teleport to owned sector is avaible.
-Time acceleration x6, date set on June for shorter night.
-Random weather.
-Starting time early morning (4h30).

Warlord sector :
-A total of 36 sector.
-The little location give a poor income, they are mainly used to be able to counter attack.
-Sector like harbor or industrial area give a good income.
-Sector town give normal income.
-The big town and Airport give a huge income.
-Each side must capture 6 sector (shorter way) to reach the airport.
-Each base is separated by 7 sector.
-Each harbor sector are connected, so it can be used to cross some part of the island.
-Each sector are guarded by AAF, with a reaction force.

Custom Asset - Infantry :
-Recon unit added, x2 cost for exemple a rifleman cost 100, a recon scout 200...
-Support unit added, unit that can carry static weapon.
-Cheap unit, crewman and helicrew are avaible for 50 cp.


Custom Asset - Vehicle :
-Slammer UP added, more expensive.
-Rhino MGS UP added, more expensive.
-T140K Angara added, more expensive.
-Armored Artillery added, very expensive, a side need to conquer a maximum of sector to be able to buy that, i added this if the game stuck in the mud.


Custom Asset - Defense :
-Static mortar, expensive.

Class and speciality :
-The OFFICER : He is the high commander, he can assign waypoint to his AI subordinate via zeus interface, Zeus camera and unit edition is locked. He got also the power to call air support (30 min cooldown), and mortar to defend base (15 min cooldown) the mortar used by the officer is out of range the enemy base.
!!Its like the officer take in charge the AI calculation, so that reduce server load but reduce performance for the officer if there no player in his side, im not sure of this!!
-The SQUADLEADER : They are able to call Airtaxi, 10 min cooldown and its global for the faction, if a player call an heli insertion the other player must wait 10 min to call an other one.
-ENGINEER : They are able to repair and build sandbag wall everywhere, they must have a toolkit.
-MEDIC : They can heal.

Special Weapon and electronic warfare :
-There is few truck (CSAT truck device) that carry special weapon, they spawn semi-randomly at mission start, the possible location are marked on the map.
They can carry 2 sort of special weapon usable 1 time for each truck :
-EMP weapon, this weapon will neutralize every vehicle, launcher, GPS, NVG in a 1km radius, most effective at night.
-Atomic Ray, that will destroy everything in a +500 meter radius.
Note the weapon can't be activated at long range, so for the ray if somebody want to use it he will die too.
For more info check the Alias script,


Other feature and community script for gameplay enhancement :
-R3F logistic : Player can carry and load in the vehicle the ammobox, fortification and static weapon to create a frontline, thats why I desactivated the ability to teleport to contested sector.
-R3F log (creation factory) : Each side can build fortification and structure to protect a sector, note huge structure like tower or building cant be loaded in a vehicle, its mainly to defend the base.
An other note about the creation factory there a hard limit to avoid performance issue.
-AIS Revive : Player can see an injured friend on the map, the injured player can be revived by an AI squadmate (press/spam H key).
-Advanced sling loading, tranport object by air.
-Advanced towing, transport object with ground vehicle.
-NRE Earplug, earplug.
-TAW Dynamic View Distance, ability to set up viewdistance and terrain quality.


Steamworkshop link :

Direct download link :

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Update :

Fixed : Incorrect price for the crewman

Fixed : Airtaxi for the opfor squadleader

Changed : Increased price for the mortar

Added : APEX VTOL to the aircraft list

Added : Vcom AI


Changed parameter for teleport to contested sector, now its activated cause the AI stuck in the first conquered sector if not

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