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UAV - prevent player's waypoint manipulation (hide UAV waypoint)

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I'm trying to recreate the script that was used in Apex mission 6 for the aerial drone - to prevent players interacting with UAV waypoints.

GOAL: Have players only be able to control a UAV Drone gunner, and NOT be able to mess with the scripted Drone waypoints in any way. Don't show drone waypoints on UAV Terminal map at all (like in mission 6 of Apex).

WHAT I HAVE SO FAR: Using lockDriver and enableUAVWaypoints I got very close to solving this problem on my own. However, the Drone waypoint will still show on player's Terminal and they can still delete it using right click menu.
In Apex mission 6, the LOITER waypoint that is pre-placed in EDEN is not visible on player's Terminal maps so they can't mess with it.

You can "hack" around this by looping setAutonomous to false, but this will still show the waypoint on map, and reset th Drone's flyInHeight every time a player clicks the Autonomous box in Terminal.
Is there a better solution? I can't find it in Apex Mission 6 files. How did they hide the waypoint? (setWaypointVisible has no effect on Terminal map...)

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