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CUP or ProjectOpfor (Chernarusian) Police Uniform Retexture

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I wanna make the situation of like the "RED DAWN" movie, "World in Conflict" game.
(not for life gameplay)

But any A3 city police add-ons are almost "short-sleeved uniform" not match winter maps.

So  I'd to make a (long sleeved) uniform like an American POLICE. Not SWAT or FBI or some. City Police (like a DPD, SPD, LAPD, NYPD etc...).
That using retexture of CUP or PROJECT OPFOR. or another way.

Therefore, I want to change some textured material of uniform but I don't know how to changes that Rvmat.


Or did someone know "long-sleeved USA Police officer Uniform"?
If knew that, please tell me.

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