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[PGM] Polish Military Group is looking for new recruits!

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[PGM] Polish Military Group is looking for new recruits!

Let's start with the fact, that we follow the units and structures of the United States Marines Corps. We usually deal with COOP play (mostly done "the old way", in the editor, thanks to our group of mission makers), and from time to time also Joined Operations with other groups.

We have our own forum, with serves to inform about missions, trainings, loose conversations and of course, storage to the theoretical part of the original tactics prepared by ourselves, based on original military materials, and based on our experience.
Planned missions, played with access to anyone who wants to participate in the game, are announced in advance on the forum, facebook and our steam group.
Our server is also daily(?) available with popular game modes, opened for every player (eg: Liberation, Domination!). The server is only closed every Friday for group training.

What do we offer ?
- Regular COOP matches
- Own forum and server
- Free access to our game server and Teamspeak server
- Access to the server for all players, regardless of participation in the group

For members:
- Access to the group tactical library
- Weekly trainings
- Selection of specialization (reconnaissance, armored, infantry, etc.)

Have we aroused(to tak ładne słówko, że aż go nie znam ;P) your interest, yet? If so, check out our homepage or visit our Teamspeak server or game server!
Ts: ts3.markooff.net
Forum: http://pgm.armaonline.pl/forum/
Website: https: //steamcommunity.com/groups/PGMOpen

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