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[SOLVED. read for solution]Calling EOS on a marker spawned with script.

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Hi. I want to get EOS to spawn units within a marker spawned by a onMapSingleClick script.


I call this script from the mission init.sqf via  execVM "mark.sqf";




openMap true;

mapclick = false;

onMapSingleClick "
_marker_1= createMarker ['marker_1',[0,0,0]];
_marker_1 setMarkerShape 'ELLIPSE';
_marker_1 setMarkerSize [1000, 1000];
'marker_1' setMarkerPos _pos;
mapclick = true;
openMap false;


onMapSingleClick "";

It works. When I launch the mission a map dialog opens, I click on it and the marker is created where I click. How do I get EOS to recognize the marker as a hostile zone and spawn units? 



null=[["marker_1"],[1,0],[1,0],[1,0],[1],[1],[1,0],[0,0,1000,EAST,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn;

I felt it was necessary to start a new topic and not post this question in the EOS official thread as I have see it asked there before but never answered.  

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SOLUTION. just add the null=["marker_1"]..... bit into the mark.sqf. I am humbled.

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