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Hello how can you build an airplane in Arma 2 OA?
At the Mission Mountain War on the map of Takistan, I can build anything but airplanes.
Have already laid my base on an airfield but still can not build a plane.
What do I have to do to build an airplane?
Host the server also on Nitrado.

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The BIS Warfare missions in OA don't have planes available.


I know of three ways to have planes available in Warfare missions, but in all cases it is done with a mission in the editor:


Method 1.
Add planes to the Aircraft Factories.  Darren Brant shows one way to do it.  A simpler way is to use Warfare's BIS_WF_AddUnitData function.  The function can be used on the hangars too if method (2) or (3) is used.  But adding to the Aircraft Factory might not be the best choice, most planes need runways to take off.  Base could be anywhere.


Method 2.
Using A2 or Combined Ops (A2 + OA), place an Airport hangar and marker, then add the code which makes the hangar become an airport where planes are bought.  The Chernarus mission "Superpowers" uses this method for players to buy planes.  The hardest part is finding a good location for the hangar.  But those who have OA only (no Arma 2) do not have the hangar listed in editor, so they cannot use this method.  They have to use method (1) or (3).


Method 3.
Use a hangar that already exists on the map.  This is done by placing an Airport game logic and marker there, add the code so it serves as an airport, and then do a custom Warfare init so that one of the scripts can identify the logic as an airport.  The InitMission is added to the mission file sort of how Darren Brant shows, but a little different.  Two scripts are copied from the Warfare module and get modified so the logic is identified as an airport.

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