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Coop 1-30 Combat Air Assault - South Asia

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Coop 1-30 Combat Air Assault South Asia


Hello everyone,
Here is a port of my Combat Air-Assault Mp mission from Arma 2 to South Asia terrain Arma 3.
A lot of effort has gone into making a straight forward mission based around realistic combat that emphasizes Cooperative Team play and that also runs Stable and Smooth on Servers.

This mission has been Developed for Dedicated Server Use.Designed to be easily edited and read.If clans/groups would like to edit the mission to use mods etc just add the clan tag in name. 


Here's a Description -

- Coop 1 to 30 players.


- Overview - 
CSAT have moved into the region.Its our job to clear them out.Destroy all enemy Anti-aircraft units to allow ground forces with intergrated Air support to Combat Air-Assault into five Objective Areas.

- Addons Required -
- South Asia v1.3



- Factions -
- U.S Vs CSAT.


- Features -

- Dynamic loadout scripts for aircraft.
- Custom Base /Group Respawn.
- Recruit Ai Team Members.
- Group Leaders In command of AI will use Group Respawn untill no AI are left then respawn reverts to Base.
- Increase or Decrease your viewdistance and Terrain Detail During Mission.
- Vehicles Respawn..


- Assets Available -
- CH-67 Huron.
- AH-99 Blackfoot.
- A-164 Wipeout.
- F/A-181 Blackwasp II.
- Support Trucks.

- Growler light vehicle.

- Quadbike

- Intel
- Estimated Enemy Strength is Strong.Heavy machine gun emplacements,AA Tanks and Infantry patrols.


- Objectives
- 5 Objective Area's to Neutralize.

- Destroy all Anti-Aircraft vehicles clearing the way for the Air Assault.

- Credits -
- Mission By ANZACSAS Steve.
- Team Leader Group Respawn script (1.0) by Mongoose_84 for Arma 1,developed into Group respawn scripts by theOden Arma 2,
  edited for Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve with help from GEORGE FLOROS GR.
- Recruit AI Scripts/UI by Bon_Inf*Redux -- by Moser.
- GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout V1.341 made by Grumpy Old Man 17-5-20172.
- Dynamic Gfx settings scripts by Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine.

- Crate filler v2.12 script by KC Grimes. 


- Download from here -





- Reduced the skill and amount of Tigris AA Tanks.Tinkered with AI patrols and defences

- Added code for MP and JIP.

-Fixed some markers not deleting.

- Optimised



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