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Squad name:- 101st AB, 1st BCT,  327th IR [327th IR For short] 
Timezone/location : North America 
Gamemode preference: Coop

Short description: We are the 327th Infantry Regiment apart of the 101st Airborne. We operate an infantry section and an air detachment which is based off the 160th SOAR. During our operations we try to make them as realistic as possible which is also what our mod pack has done. If you are looking for a Modern US Army Unit we are the place for you, we also do not just play Arma but other games such as Post Scriptum, Battlefield 5 etc. Our Operations are every Sunday at 4pm Est, with unscheduled operations all throughout the week and many different training's, courses and roles for you to choose from. If its in the Army, we have it! 


Language: English

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