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Don't understand how AGM work... random?

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Hey guys.


Am I missing something?


I made a quick test mission:


A-164 Wipeout equiped with MACER AGM and SCALPEL AGM


MACER are infrared missiles

SCALPEL are infrared / laser designated missiles


I put some tanks on the map, with "this engineOn true" to make sure they have their engine started and have thermal signature


Sometimes, the MACER or the SCALPEL will lock on a target (2 squares)

But sometimes, I can't lock at all - the second square doesn't show up or I don't even have the 1st square - although I aim at the tank and use my keybinds "lock on target" or "next target"

The SCALPEL will always lock on the laser designator however.


It seems the lock is random, or am I missing something?


This is very annoying, especially when you fight against AA systems like a Tigris : it can lock on you with its missiles, but you can't shoot back.


Can someone explains me how this works?





is it because, at some point, the crewmen turn their engine off?

If yes, how to prevent them from doing so?

As said, I use the command "this engineOn true"

Any way to make it permanent?

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add some waypoints, cycling like patrolling, and check if it's better.

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Seems that, after a while, the cremew turn the engine off.


Anyway way to have them keep engine on?


Command "this engineOn true" doesn't seem to work to make them keep it on.

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