NR6 PACK 3.02 Script NR6 PACK 3.02src4 (Google Drive) NR6 PACK 3.02src4 (Google Drive) - Brief Radios for HAL     NR6 PACK 3.02 Addon NR6 PACK ADDON 3.02arc1 [3.02src4](Google Drive) NR6 PACK ADDON 3.02arc1 [3.02src4] (Steam Workshop)   NR6 Compositions 0.1 INTRODUCTION   This is a pack containing NR6 HAL and all of its expansions. This holds all of the work that I have done linked to HAL. In this you will find NR6 HAL which is a modified and expanded version of the original HAL made by Rydygier, NR6 reinforcements for placing dynamic reinforcements for each side/faction, NR6 Sites for creating populated camps, FOBs and garrisons, NR6 Air Reinforcements (A, B and C modes) providing dynamic reinforcements for air assets such as helicopters and fixed-wings (A for spawning airborne aircraft and B for reinforcements using parked aircraft, C for populating parked aircraft on the go), NR6 Zbe_cache for HAL compatible group caching based on the original Zbe_Cache by zorrobyte and a port of the ALICE 2 Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead civilians module. This is the recommended way to use NR6 HAL as it contains tons of new features that seriously complement the original experience.     USAGE Below is a demo mission showcasing each feature in the pack. It comes in a playable active conflict variant and a cold conflict variant. Feel free to explore/decompile/edit the missions to see the way missions can be set up with HAL and the NR6 Pack. Altis NR6 Pack 3.00 Demo V2 (NR6 PACK 3.00 RC5)   Brief summary of usage of features/scripts:   USER MANUAL CURRENTLY UNDER DEVELOPMENT It will cover the usage of each function with greater detail.   Except for HAL and ZBE, I recommend running each of these scripts via a true server only trigger.   HAL: Refer to the main HAL thread, HAL manual and (soon) the extra features in the NR6 Pack user manual;   NR6 ZBE Cache:  if (isServer) then {[Player Radius, Minimum FPS, Debug, Empty Car Radius, Empty Air Radius, Empty Boat Radius, Experimental Object Cache, Experimental Object Cache Lite, No non-host hide mode]execvm "zbe_cache\main.sqf"}; Ex: if (isServer) then {[1500,0,false,2000,3000,2000,false,false,false]execvm "zbe_cache\main.sqf"}; (ran in init.sqf)   NR6 Sites: [Site pos, radius, grp number, patrol chance, minimum building size, side, array of grps, HAL leaders] call NR6_fnc_Sites; Ex: [(getPos thisTrigger),150,3,0.5,1,west,[['rhsusf_army_ocp_teamleader', 'rhsusf_army_ocp_grenadier','rhsusf_army_ocp_autorifleman','rhsusf_army_ocp_rifleman'],['rhsusf_army_ocp_grenadier', 'rhsusf_army_ocp_rifleman']], [LeaderHQ]] call NR6_fnc_Sites; (ran on a trigger)   NR6 Site Markers: [Site pos, radius, BLUFOR type, OPFOR type, INDEP type, Site Name, Place marker name, Marker Size] spawn NR6_fnc_SiteMarker; Ex: [getpos this,250,"US Forces","ISIS Forces","Local Forces", ”Camp Delta”,false,0.5] spawn NR6_fnc_SiteMarker; (ran on a trigger)   NR6 Reinforcements:  [Side, Spawns per wave, Spawn positions, Radius, Pool size, Faction from sqf file, Threshold,  HAL Leaders, Custom Pool Array, Obj Source, Rejoin Position, Spawn mode, Player Exclusion Radius] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; Ex: [west,1,[(getpos thisTrigger)],100,30,"rhs_faction_usarmy_d",1,[LeaderHQ],[],nil,getpos LeaderHQ,false,2000] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; (ran on a trigger)   NR6 Reinforcements in Spawn mode:  [Side, Spawns, Spawn position, Radius, Pool size(NIL), Faction from sqf file, Threshold(NIL),  HAL Leaders, Custom Pool Array, Obj Source(NIL), Rejoin Position(NIL), Spawn mode(true), Player Exclusion Radius] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; Ex: [west,3,[(getpos thisTrigger)],200,nil,"rhs_faction_usarmy_d",1,[LeaderHQ],[],nil,nil,true] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; (ran on a trigger)   NR6 Reinforcements mode A: [Side, Core Object, Pool Size, Faction, Threshold,  HAL Leaders, Custom Pool Array, Delay, Arguments on group leader, Array of flight sizes] spawn NR6_fnc_AirReinforcementsA; Ex: [east,thistrigger,30,"custom",1,[LeaderHQC],[“O_Plane_Fighter_02_F”,”O_Plane_CAS_02_dynamicLoadout_F”],120,nil,[2,3,4]] spawn NR6_fnc_AirReinforcementsA; (ran on a trigger at sea)   NR6 Reinforcements mode B: [Side, Core Object, Threshold,  HAL Leaders, Delay, Arguments on group leader] spawn NR6_fnc_AirReinforcementsB; Ex: [west,thisTrigger,1,[LeaderHQ],10,nil] spawn NR6_fnc_AirReinforcementsB; (ran on a trigger with synchronized planes and one synchronized invisible helipad at runway start)   NR6 Reinforcements mode C : [Side, Core Object, Threshold,  HAL Leaders, Delay, Arguments on group leader] spawn NR6_fnc_AirReinforcementsC; Ex: [west,thisTrigger,1,[LeaderHQ],10,nil] spawn NR6_fnc_AirReinforcementsC; (ran on a trigger with synchronized planes)         FEATURES For the features contained in this pack, refer to each of the standalone release threads of its included content.   This pack contains the following add-ons merged for ease of use: HAL [NR6] 1.22.9 RC5; NR6 ZBE Cache 1.2;     CHANGE LOG ADDON   SCRIPT   CREDITS Credits for the original HAL go to Rydygier. Credits for the original ZBE_Cache go to zorrobyte. Credits for CBA go to the CBA Team. Credits for ALICE 2 from Arma 2: OA go to Bohemia Interactive Studios   Requirements:   -CBA for NR6 Sites; -ACE for enhanced Task actions (highly recommended);     BUG REPORTING If you encounter any bugs, please try to find which addon is causing it and refer to the proper thread to report it. If you don't know which is the cause, I suppose you could submit it here.   License:
As CBA is licensed under GPLv2 and ZBE_Caching by Zorrobyte is licensed under GPLv4, this pack which contains modified versions of both is released under the more recent Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License as well.