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Insane Idea: Armed Assault (ARMA): Global Conflict

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We're entering an era in gaming where levels become maps, maps become continents, and in this era, continents become entire planets and even universes.


So i thought of an idea.


The Plot

One planet in the Armaverse, a continued SAGA based on the CSAT confrontation. After the events of East Wind, it created a situation where Diplomats were forced to scrape up what ever dialogue they could to maintain Peace. Even though behind sugar coated words, both CSAT and NATO had decided to not only toss their boxing gloves aside, but burn them too. Both the East and West along with their respective allies kicked their Military Industrial Complexes into overdrive in the hopes of beating out the other side in Military Equipment of varying type and lethality.


Amidst a massive spiraling arms race for any sort of advantage over the other, it was impossible to escape the inevitable. Another Flash point boiled over except this time, it was a direct confrontation with no effort to hide the brawl, except, for one "minor" disaster.


No one knows who did it, but it doesn't matter. 90% of Satellites were knocked out of orbit or operation.

The world has gone almost entirely blind.

Communication between nations has been entirely crippled.

All that remains... is Misunderstanding, Conflict, Chaos.


Game Design

Following the massive scale of true Next Gen games, this takes place on an entire planet in some kind of Game Engine that is capable of rendering such a world. There's a variety of Super Power factions, Allied Factions which resemble smaller nation states, and Proxy factions which resemble small rebel or independent guerrilla units. The idea is the create a World at Conflict in the not so distant future following the East Wind Crisis, except there would be a world filled with Cities, Continents, and strategic points of interest that all of these above factions would be fighting to gain control over. Communication would be key, and it's made all that much more difficult due to the Satellite's being crippled.


The idea of this would be something like Battleground Europe (World War II: Online) on a planetary scale, keeping the authentic Arma-esc FPS aspect but vastly expanding on the rest of Combined Arms Warfare to a level that can only be described as "Star Citizen" level Combined Arms.


So you would have the NATO and CSAT states, their allies and then Neutral locations which could also possibly be captured. It doesn't have to be real life locations either, we got fictional islands to work with anyhow. But the most powerful assets would be provided from the main Super Power factions. To get these assets else where they must legitimately be moved to other regions, which can be captured, and then made into Bases. The resources in the region contribute to the base, and can become a specific kind of R&D asset for specific equipment, vehicles, weapons, etc. They can also be contested and taken over by either Independent or opposing Super Power/Allied Factions.


This creates an Chaotic, ongoing Global Conflict for influence, control, hegemony, projection, and intelligence that all effect the larger picture of the battle. The battle is persistent, and saves until either someone wins the conflict, loses too much manpower, or a master administrator resets the server entirely. Players would be able to log off and back in at the closest Bases Via, Barracks, City, or friendly captured Region.


The scale of the map would require a networking solution similar to SpatialOS that can simulate 50,000 Players all at once without any critical effects on gameplay. Systems like Object Container Streaming can also be used to make combat more smooth by not rendering absolutely everything that's going on around the entire planet, and instead only what players would need to know based on what they're doing.

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