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New Terrain - Montella Terrain mod (1:1 Scale - Inspired by Southern Italy)

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Hello everyone,

Its been more than two yeard since I started this project and I think it is time to make it public and breathe a sigh of relief. I hope  you will enjoy every piece of it, just like i did making it.

The Terrain is inspired by a mountainous region in Campania (Italy) south of Naples, yes it’s not an island. The vibe is the same as in “Chernarus” but with a touch of Italian Culture. The map is a scale 1: 1 with the real areas (Parco Regionale Dei Monti Picentini - Irpinia). It is essentially a big valley between two large mountains “Verteglia” and “Laceno” both with their points of interest, towns and much more. The valley has 3 big towns: the most important “Montella”, then “Bagnoli” and “Cassano”, two of which have already been completed. Also, an entire section has been removed to create an area that actually does not exist in real life, the “Irpinian Sea”. Being a rural area there are not many roads that connect the town easily therefore you will have to cross rivers and ride on top of high cliffs and mountains.

The map uses at its best the Arma 3 assets both the vanilla and the Tanoa ones also, we imported some from Arma 2 and other mods.



Update: Terrain is still Work in Progress

The terrain is now in a condition i feel many of you can consider "playable".

This does not mean that the mod is completed or that it represent a finished product, it still is a Work In Progress.


You can download the mod from the workshop here:




Latest Video:




Montella Town




Cassano Town



Road sp164 (connects the two side of the map)



Irpinian Sea




- Map size is 10240x10240m
- Grid size is 2048 cells
- Cell size is 5m circa

- Sat/Mask size is 15360px

- Citys and Villages 6

- Airports 2



Real life Comparison



Completed Task:

- Towns: “Montella” and “Cassano” with their surroundings.

- All the areas covered by trees are completed.

- 20 km of rivers.

 - Almost all of the roads are completed and connected.

- Custom highway that joins the two sides of the map.

- Custom handmade “satellite map”.

- Custom “mask map”.

- All configs are written and ready.

- A test server with a Custom made Exile Mission is fully functional.


To do list:

- Second largest city “Bagnoli”.

- Small city on “Laceno”.

- Harbor and its surroundings.

- Fields and houses to fill the areas between each town.

- A lot of small adjustments in cities like light-poles benches garbage’s bin and many other small details.



I regularly post updates on my twitter and my YouTube channel and sometimes Stream at:





My Workshop:



If you want to contribute and help with the project you are welcome to Support the Team at: 


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Terrain is quite ambitious, can already see that.
I liked the rivers(they still need fixing though) and overall terrain height difference. Finally a map that can get full use of waterfall scripts btw.
Not a fan of Italy vegetation(but that's just my specific taste, terrain definitely reminds of Italy).
The main problem I see, is the Montella city being a FPS killer, which is why it's hard to see that city area to become playable in multiplayer mods/missions. For SP it may be fine though.

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I was in editor looking around and was hugely impressed by the coastal road and cliff faces. The cities are dense and life like and equally impressive achievement. Hope the docks/city in the south comes to life as you continue to work on the map. A very small thing was that petrol garages/stations did not seem to contain any pumps.7BCCD3BEA4AF44955A0961B4BD5EB9FB0D5AC5344C05C0D879E58C533223C322FE2517B7AC4A9F0A


Thanks for WIP release and letting us look around. I will continue to explore and let me know if details like this are helpful to you.

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Lovely job, has a nice authentic feel to it, thanks for the work, here's some gameplay on the terrain :)


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Looks amazing from the couple of mins I had to try it.

One glaring issue I found though is the road up to the church on top of the mountain is ridiculous. It's almost like trying to drive up stairs at some spots. :rofl:
Also at the airfield can I suggest moving the radar system a little further from the helipad, and expanding the area around said helipad as at the moment there's not really enough room around the pad to land anything bigger than a littlebird 

I'm sure that'll all get sorted though. Congrats on what looks like an amazing map.

I can't wait to start making mission on it once the bugs get ironed out.

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Hello mrmark


My sincere congrats to this map. It is one of the most beautiful maps I've seen so far. The look is stunning and the feel of Southern Italy comes across very realistically. Good job. I've checked how the AI would handle the road network with all the bridges which are beautiful to look at but the AI is bugging out on the bridges. No way the AI can handle them. I have really no idea why that is, not being a terrain modeler, it is hard for me to understand what is causing this. I had no troubles with a couple of bridges and the Ai is passing though with hesitation at times. The big elevated bridges are a huge no go for the AI he's just trying to find an alternative route until it gets lost and just stops. Other times the Ai is just moving back and forth in a 3 steps move trying to back up but constantly crashing into the walls until the car is broken.


There are some cities or villages with immense narrow streets like in real life. The Ai gets stuck there as well. When making missions for this terrain the mission maker must be aware of certain limitations and apply that knowledge accordingly. Unfortunately, the AI driving issues is one of the most persistent issues in the ArmA games and the hope that BI is going to fix that issue in the future is slim at best we all know that.


Anyways I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful terrain.


p.s. é davero splendido il tuo terreno. Grazie!

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Is this terrain still be worked on or has this project being abandoned? It is a real pity if this project won't be completed. Sorry for asking but last time I posted was nearly 3 years ago.

Thanks for any kind of feedback. I did a search but couldn't come up with nothing.


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