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Hi all,


Remember FURY? An American Sherman, lost in core of Germany, surrounded by Nazi troops.






STEAM link:


Here, the scenario takes place at Zargabad, (a fine CUP map). Your crew of 4 plus a US soldier are stuck in the middle of a Taliban's nest. Your Abrams is out of order and out of gas.


Challenge is simple: Repair the Abrams, refuel it and escape!... Perhaps.


The mission is SP or MP up to 5 players, with HEAL & REVIVE feature for AIs and player(s)! You can heal or be healed in both SP MP but it's preferable to play in "MP one player" for mission parameters. You will be leader what ever the slot you choose.
In SP, you don't die.  AIs fellows can heal you as you're unconscious. If not, you'll respawn after 2 minute bleed out. You can heal them as well.
You can enable/disable Arsenal crates for players.

So, required mods are CUP only (+CBA as dependency). I recommend also:

- enhanced movement (even if this is not the best corner of map for using it);

- MGI tactical pack, for beginners or smart players (not using the whole stuff, but you can stick charges on vehicles)



Have fun!



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This will be another nice mission !

Thanks Pierre !


Ps: The idea with the canister was pretty cool !

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I was making a mission like this but it's a t-80. Looks great! Definitely going to check this out. :)

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