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Help with helicopter modding [SOLVED]

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I am trying to create a helicopter asset in ARMA 3 by following this guide:

After following his guide to finish, the animation part is working as intended, but the chopper are not generating any lift(and therefore falls to the ground when deployed in the air :)).

The steps i have done so far:

  • Imported the sample helicopter in blender
  • Swaped the visible parts with my own
  • Moved the memory points corresponding with the rotors to the correct position in my model.

obviously I am doing something wrong, If somebody could figure out what, I would apprecieate it.

kind regards


Edited by Gustav9619
I solved the issue, the thread can be removed if needed

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Sorry for reviving an old post, but I am having some issues and I am using the same video as tutorial, however I am having problems, and looking for help.

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