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Hi, so I am in dire need of help in regards to how to set this up... What i want is several areas in which you can use Zeus to set up player respawn camps with some storage etc. Its a ravage survival mission and this is an important aspect. 

I want all players to be able to enter specific areas and then place down tents campfires blah blah blah..... But i also want to restrict what they have access to i dont want them placing down tanks Ai or anything like that just specific empty objects that i can define. 

Finally i also want these objects to have a cost, now i am aware of the points system but i couldnt find a way to edit each cost individuallly. 

A really detailed response would be much appreciated! help me guys and gals. PS the points will be earned via triggers on completing quests and stuff..

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just a general input/opinion:

rather than relying on zeus, i would work with location based addactions and spawn scripts for the respawn camps, the empty lootbox and the campfire.

with regards to points u could just create global variables and add points there (via quest completion Triggers) that will be deducted upon placement of one of the objects.


locations and addactions:

- script that adds an addaction to players when they are close to one of the locations. removes addaction if players move away.

- or you add the addaction to build stuff to a object at the location itself


- assign addactions to activate general options to place the objects.

- one addaction per object

addactions that, if you have enough points, will place the desired object and deducts point upon object placement


my zeus knowledge might be limited but i dont think you can have multiple players access zeus in a mission.


so i dont know about your scripting knowledge but check out the forums for object spawning (createvehicle) and addactions.

I do not have much time for additional scripting projects but i ll see if i find the time this week to draft something up for you.

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