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[Co-op - TDM] Capture Malden Dynamic Insurgency

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Welcome to the server:


[Co-op - TDM] Capture Malden Dynamic Insurgency




This server opposes three factions.

-The rebels OPFOR FIA


Which divide Malden from North to South,
as well as :


- BLUFOR NATO forces


Who seek to capture the least military base on the island.

These three armed forces are run by the AI, which fights day and night. It's up to you to take part in the fight, in the faction you want, each with a different Gameplay.
The BLUFOR NATO, whose main base is in the NORTH EAST of Malden, are numerous, well equipped, have varied means of transport but will only venture into civilian areas for the purpose of achieving military objectives. They have logistics to strengthen their troops
of 100 groups when they are in difficulty.


The OPFOR FIA own NORD Malden. Their equipment is lightweight and allows them to move quickly. They are geographically close to BLUFOR NATO and are therefore quickly subject to clashes. Nevertheless their very mountainous sector allows them to hide and evolve undercover to capture civilian areas. They will then establish recruitment camps to expand their ranks, caches weapons and other premises with terrorist vocations. The North of Malden offers a zone less wide than the SOUTH, consequently a territory more simple to control. Once the necessary forces are recruited, they will try to attack military objectives strategically.


The INDEPENDENT SYNDICAT are south of Malden, it is a vast territory hard to control. Rather flat, offering villages, towns, countryside and forests. Their equipment is slightly heavier so they can make firing shots covering a good distance. Their objectives are broader, they seek to capture the most civilian and military areas and will also establish their recruiting facilities and others. Their movements are often uncovered and require more thought. They are close to one of the main objectives of BLUFOR NATO.

So you can take part in an asymmetrical Gameplay where the AI will surprise you by using improvised explosive devices in vehicles, suicide man, etc. Or to reinforce NATO military troops and capture the whole island. It's your choice, team or lone wolf.

Three armories offering equipment specific to each territory are visible on the map. You can manage the supply of other players by controlling these points.
Using the Tablet available in those armories, you will be able to recruit soldiers, send them patrol or fight to capture areas that interest you.



The server requires the following two mods downloadable quickly from Arma launcher.


To do this, search for the server via the following IP in the ARMA 3 Launcher on Steam.

or by typing " Capture Malden "

Then when you log in, the launcher will offer to download these two mods.


Remember to chose the same slot every time you connect to the server after saving with PLAYER EXIT button.


I wish you a good game, and do not hesitate to make your impressions, criticisms, proposals.


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