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DWAR MP mission (COOP/TvT)

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DOWNLOAD on steam workshop:

DWAR video:

there are 2 servers running 24/7 , one with DWAR and one with ZOMBIE DWAR
you can easily find them filtering DWAR word in main server browser, or at this IP:
IP : dolfrang.ddns.net
port: 2302 ZOMBIE DWAR mods required: CBA_A3, RAVAGE, CHERNARUS REDUX, CUP terrains CORE

port: 3302 DWAR mods required:
CUP weapons
CUP units
CUP vehicles
CUP ace3 compatibility addon weapons
CUP ace3 compatibility addon vehicles
advanced urnban rappeling
advanced rappeling
ace compat RHS USAF
ace compat RHS AFRF
task force radio 
enhanced movement (optional)

Hello there!
I'm happy to finally announce the release of my 3-years work :  DWAR !
DWAR idea is born in ARMA2 times playing Xeno's Domination, when i really wished to had a way more dynamic battlefield, 
with every possible military situation happening randomly, from air fighters combat to underwater scuba divers fights, 
with the possibility to play alone, COOP, TvT, TvTvT, TvT+AI, even as civilian. can be used also for training turning off AI! 
I really wished to have everything that ARMA3 has to offer all packed in a single versatile mission, that is autonomous, 
due to so many random factors two match are never the same, there is total freedom of action, with priority always on good performance! 
From my point of view its the most complete and dynamic battlefield where everything can happen from the sky to the undersea, and automatically includes every mod you throw at it, so for example if you play it with CUP units, 
it automatically include CUP units in the random list to choose from to spawn AI! 
Its also customizable by setting for example AI numbers, side mission frequency and a tons of other factors like kamikaze, IEDs ecc... 
From casual players to MilSim units, this mission is so versatile that should fit every taste!
I really hope you will enjoy this so much as i do ! bye!

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this looks great - i'll have to wait until the weekend but looking forward to playing it... thanks.


I'll give feedback once I get a chance to have a go!

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Pretty cool mission man, bit weird that a civilian will spawn ~3m in front of your MHQ as you land it on a rock in the water, then said civilian will run towards you and blow you up like the suicide bomber he is... I love it. Only getting one error when starting it, something to do with the variable "gmoold", doesn't seem to affect anything though.

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yep, really thanks for the feedback, thanks to your words i had tracked and fixed that error. now should be fine.
hehe...about bombers...beware....they use also every kind of vehicle (planes and drones included!). hope you have fun with it as much as i do :)

PS: added reference to server running 24/7 in the first post

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Had about 2 hours on a dedicated server with a mate.

Once we worked out what we had to do we moved to the main objective.

It's cool how the assault goes but at one time the AI spawned inside the bunker with us. He did not last long.

Finally we held them off for 5 min and then fell out of the bunker as it despawned. No injury but a good laugh.

We moved to the airfield and once we realised the independent scum had us out numbered we went on the hunt. Even one of us outside the circle and we lost the sector control. Eventually all rounded up. Another player joined and went as opfor. He came and took the airfield about 3 min after we left. Then must have crashed, (steam kick) likely something unrelated to the mission as I never saw him again.



1. A task instead of the map marker decription top left would be great to allow people know what the current objective is. It took us too long to find it. We saw he notification but missed the location grid reference.

2. Do the AI scale according to player numbers? While the main obj was good fun we did it at night with nvg and nvs  svopes. It was tough. We could not tell how many were left or if a scream of allahu akbar meant certain death. Nice touch btw.  Those screams are hard to place. They did't really come across as directional. 

3. The r3f logi script seems to be active on all buildings even the map placed ones.

4. Too many options in the scroll wheel menu at times . Trying to go to creation factory ends up with arsenal or halo jump...oops! View distance can be set with some nice scripts with dialogs that other have shared.

5. Halo 9km up is a nice view but it takes a long time to come down!!

6. Is the creation factory always going to have unlimited credits or are you planning to build this in later based on kills capture points etc.?


7. Overall great job  lots of fun. Well done

 Looking forward to updates


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thanks KevsNoTrev  for your feedback !
every feedback is always much appreciated, especially constructive ones like this!!

the bunker de-spawning too fast and under players feet is a problem i'm fighting off since few weeks now. it happèens just on dedicated where it seems there is a random delay on clients.
i hope to get it fixed for good soon!
1) good point, will do something about it, thanks!
2) Ai does not scale with players for now, for a performance reason. i noticed that AI has the bigger impact in performance-downgrading...so for now its a fixed number of bubble AI (civilians and independent) and main objective AI.
3) yep the R3F logistic has been edited to include many objects with a dual purpose in mind: bugfix (typical tank glitch that flip it in the sky and land upside down on the turret) and better gameplay (arma interaction is just shoot to enemy/objects, feel ridicolous in 2018 be limited to this), so now by default players can interact with every object, and move just what is somehow realistic to move (for example push a vehicle its ok, but not move a building). if you try move a building you will notice it will not move, so the result is "good" for now, but as you say i should find a way to deny the action itself on buildings and other un-movable objects......will dig into it!
4) yep you're right...for now i went for the "easy way", but i definitely have to find a better way to not clutter too much action menu!
5) thats a controverse point. while everyone can just set the number he like , i strongly belive that for gameplay that number is good. it gives a meaning to MHQs and killing someone....imagine a "fast HALO" of 10 seconds, after an hard firefight you just shoot and killed an opponent, and while you're still healing yourself and reloading...he is already landing in the area again ! that would totally make useless the MHQs and break the gameplay in my opinion. every kill should have its consequences.
anyway if someone really cant live with it, the way to "fix it" is to change the number (height in meters) in the script  "DDscripts\HaloJump.sqf"  .
6) good question! well i had it linked to sector control and with limited credits related to main objective capture points in early versions....but ended up being too complex for most players, plus there were situation when a new player wasted all the money hard earned by previous players.....so i decided for a "free" approach, who control (i mean physically, even if the airport area is of another faction) the factory can use it (if you noticed the action range is way shorter in respect of other actions).

really thanks for your feedback, will try to fix the problems!

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