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[NA] 3rd Battalion 4th Marines

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Established on 10/7/18 the 3rd Battalion 4th Marines aims to provide a unique experience to those interested in a Vietnam Era Unit. We pride ourselves in being a Serious but fun unit which likes to include a realistic and unique experience into our Operations.

What We Offer

While we are currently looking for more infantry focused players we do offer Air Crewman roles as our Pilots are currently full but when we do expand we will take your interest into consideration over new people. We also like to provide unique and immersive operations which allow you to live out your dream character as long as it makes sense and follows our Rules. Ranks and promotion points so you can rise up the ladder, but most importantly we offer a kind and welcoming community that will help you when needed and is always there for you! 


Infantry Roles ♣️ 

While we currently are a new unit we do offer limited roles but as we expand new roles will be added. Do keep in mind this does also apply to the AirCorp Roles.

- Machine Gunner
- Rifleman 
- Grenadier
- Lead positions ( Must talk to Commanding officers if you wish to become a lead position when joining ) 

Air Corp Roles ?

- Heli Pilots ( FULL )
- Air Crewman ( Doorgunners ) 
- 1x ATC Operator

How to Join

Feel free to either add me on Steam or leave a comment but the most efficient way would be through our teamspeak!

TS -
Website - https://3rdbattalion4thmarines.enjin.com/

" Ready For All, Yielding to None"

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