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J. Buxton

Armalisum - Life SErver

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Armalisum was founded a week ago by me and honestly, I'm on my own.

I have always love roleplay ever since Arma 2 Island life on Real life RPG ever since I have loved roleplaying with friends and wanted to do it more, but I have noticed a lack of communities that provide the experience I wanted. My name is Kieran and I love to play as police or Army as it gives you a sense of purpose and also enables some advanced roleplay. My aim is to reintroduce a community that is a community, ever since RLRPG I have wanted to be in a community where the owner was just another guy and that's my aim, while I pay for the server is just another player.


In my opinion, the biggest thing that differs from my community to others is the experience I offer, the mission is built in a way that makes it harder for you to get items but it becomes more rewarding, I spent about a day or two on configs getting the price right for hats to LMGS.

Another thing that differs us from the rest is having mods, now I know there are other modded communities out there but all of our mods are used in the mission/scripts at a point, want to play as a female go ahead, want to tow a car go ahead!, want to kill someone with morphine go ahead!. We also have Knives.

The last big thing that differs us from the rest is how hardcore the server is, while it is accessible to newcomers we have a real medical system and ballistic simulation, google drive with SOPS, rosters and other documents all written so the next command members can come and make them even better.


While it's not my script I would say the most awesome script we have is the fire-fighting one, its an element of life servers that is missing and we aim to provide it.


The server is in what I'm calling phase 1, this is to get people interested get feedback and get the general plot down

Phase 2 will have:

Court system


Search and Rescue

More Sea missions



Extended gear


My full server plan is found here

And more.


Newcomers beware ACE 3 interferes with Altis lives framework at times it is suggested you read our beginners guide found on our forums this will teach you how to avoid some issues with ace.


Forums: http://armalisum.proboards.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/SW4KvXw

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