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Thermal (MWIR)/Multispectral IFF Strobe

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Update 24 October, 2018


This is my Multispectral (MS) IFF strobe - it strobes in Thermal (MWIR - Medium Wave IR) and Nightvision (NIR - Near IR).


The strobe shows up in inventory as a grenade with the name of "MS IFF Strobe" - this overwrites the vanilla "B_IR_Grenade" NATO IR Grenade.


This addon no longer requires ACE3. The strobe can be thrown or used in the ACE Attach system.


This strobe will last for 5 hours before the battery dies.


The effects are built into the configuration files of the model so they *should* have better performance than script based solutions.


If you'd like to use any part of this mod for your own work please contact me on Steam - I'd love for a better coder to make this better (hint hint ACE Team).


PLEASE: if you rate this item negatively, leave a comment so I know what to fix.




-The Thermal effect doesn't seem to "stick" to the strobes if they're moving fast
-The thermal flash shape is a bit ugly - I plan on trying to come up with a nice round circular flash


-Update NIR strobe pattern to match the MWIR pattern - This appears to be hard-coded

-Configuration screen for strobes? I'd love some help on this


-Bohemia Interactive Studios for the vanilla ARMA 3 content
-The ACE3 team for their awesome work
-super-truite and his awesome Particle Editor addon
-SzwedzikPL for sharing his script-based solution on ACE3 GitHub



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Update 2019-02-10:


-Added custom model for strobe
-Fixed issue where A2 trees could knock off strobe

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