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EST 2020



Vanguard Strike Company is an Arma 3 unit that aims to create enjoyable yet realistic wargames in Arma 3, adapting real life doctrine to tackle the challenges presented to us in game. We model ourselves of off the real upcoming Vanguard Strike Company of the Royal Marines at approximately troop strength. We also include a number of technical roles as ‘attachments and detachments’, such as signals, engineers or aviation. The unit was previously known as 51st Infantry Brigade however the group chose to change role over the 2019 new year holiday to 42 Commando and has since changed from 1RIRISH to VSC as of August 2020.


We will only allow applicants over the age of 17 as we consider this to be the level of maturity required in our missions. We understand that real life comes first and therefore run a flexible attendance policy. Wargames and training nights are currently held every Saturday at 19:30 Local (UK) and do not exceed 3 hours in length.


Step 1 – Application

The first step in joining VSC is to make an application. This allows some basic information about you as an individual and your motivation for joining the group. It’s best to fill in the application as best you can as this will increase the chance of you being accepted into the unit. To make an application, you will need to make an account which will take you to the application page.


Your application will be assigned to one of our staff who will guide you through the joining process. Applications will typically take no more than a few days to be reviewed. If your initial application was successful you will receive a message from your assigned staff member on our forums, which will include a recruitment pack containing further information.

Step 2 – Informal interview

The next step in the recruitment process is an informal interview. This allows us to get to know you a little better. This also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the unit before committing to joining. On completion of a successful interview you will be given the option to join the community, which if you choose to accept, will indicate the commencement of your membership.

Once the application process has been conducted, you will participate in the Royal Marines Combat Training (RMCT) which will be explained in your interview upon applying.


Rifle Troop - The heart of the unit is the rifle troop. Our wargames are centred around infantry operations at the troop level. Our troops are broken down into 8 man sections which include machine gunners, marksmen and other such roles. These are not assigned exclusive roles but instead are rotated amongst the section members.

Heavy Weapons Troop - The heavy weapons crews operate equipment such as .50cal HMG and 40mm GMG. These crews are attached to the troop at the HQ level.

Supporting roles - Whilst we are not currently recruiting for these roles, there are a variety of supporting roles such as medical, signals, engineers and aviation.









Arma 3 Legal Copy
Aged 17 or over





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October 2018 - Update


Collective Unit Phase 1:


A COY, 3 SCOTS (Now VSC) is currently conducting it's first training period as a unit. The 4-5 week training cycle will ensure we're prepared to deploy overseas. The 51st Infantry Brigade plans to deploy to eastern Europe to conduct Operation Crimson once the training cycle is completed.


All members recently participated in a collective "Phase 1" training to ensure everyone is on the same page with skills and doctrine, here are a few screenshots.




Recruits practice moving as a section in staggered file on the way to the MT.




Recruits are shown by the training staff how to throw grenades.




A recruit watches as he waits his turn on the grenade range.




Training staff acting as enemy watch as recruits patrol past moments before engaging them.




After the section attack, recruits are debriefed on the exercise.


November 2018 Update:


Unit Update:


The 51st Infantry Brigade (Now 42 Commando) has finished it's training cycle and has deployed to Afghanistan to conduct a COIN operation. The unit itself has grown to 2 Sections in strength with a recent influx in manpower. 


Operation Mercury:


A Company, 3 SCOTS deployed to the middle east this month on Operation Mercury. 


2UPS Intent is to work with host partner nations forces in order to add a greater depth of security due to the heightened enemy threat.
1UPS Intent we are to work alongside both the ANA & ANP security forces to provide a current and constant deterrent to the heightened enemy threat.


A Company, 3 SCOTS conducted a presence patrol this evening on Operation Mercury. Weapon systems were found in local compounds which were destroyed in a controlled explosion.




A COY, 1 Platoon, 1 Section move through a field during a patrol. They hold as the route is cleared for IED's.




Weapon systems found during the patrol were gathered together in preparation for a controlled explosion.

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January 2019 Update:


Unit Update:


Over the holiday many changes have been pushed forward. The unit has recently re-rolled to 42 Commando, J Company. After a vote and in-depth discussion over the holiday, the group chose to change to RM. We've also changed forums, our previous domain will redirect you to our new one. If you haven't already saw here is our new one:




Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tN7Haay


Interested? Apply today to find your role.


Home Rotation:


J Company, 1 Troop conducted it's first Home Rotation as 42 Commando after the holiday break. Due to the change of role the unit went back to basics to freshen up on the core basics of being an infanteer. 




Members of JCOY, 1 Troop watch as J7 training staff take them through the principles of a section attack and six section battle drills.




A RN Wildcat prepares to land in preparation for 1 Troop to practice boarding and disembarking drills.




Lt. S. Beardmore (1 Pl Commander) briefs members after conducting section attacks.




Training Staff show a demonstration of OBUA, this lesson covered entry types (R,B,A), making entry to a compound / wall with a controlled charge and room clearance.




The night was ended with 1 Troop practising MERT drills with an RN Merlin.

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February 2019 Update:


Unit Update:


As we go into February, the unit has reached a manpower of over 20 people. We intend to open a second section in the coming weeks expanding the size of 1 Troop. The unit is now officially on Clanlist which you can find here: https://clanlist.io/user/profile/42commandomilsim 



Teamspeak: ts.vanguardstrikecompany.co.uk

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tN7Haay


Interested? Apply today to find your role.


Operation ARTEMIS I - V:


42 Commando deployed on Operation ARTEMIS this week. J Company, 1 Troop assisted with clearing skiffs to the south of bozcaada aswell as supporting the local governor in order to provide stability in the region.




Members of JCOY, 1 Troop break contact after taking fire from local smugglers.




Marines cover off as casualties are evacuated via Merlin at a nearby HLS (Helicopter Landing Site).




Two boats prepare to engage a mother ship skiff that's loaded with weapons and ammunition.




1IC and 2IC of 1 Section, 1 Troop speak to a man after finding ammunition stored in his house nearby a recent local shooting.




A Merlin HC3 (Renegade - 1) begins taking off from a HLS after picking up a government official. 




Renegade - 1 leaving after taking off from the HLS.




Two pilots from 846 Squadron CHF stand infront of a Merlin HC3.





Recording from Operation ARTEMIS.

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March / April 2019 Update:


Unit Update:


As we go into April, the unit has reached a manpower of over 40 people. We intend to open a Heavy Weapons Troop in the next few weeks which will assist 1 Troop in future operations.




Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tN7Haay


Interested? Apply today to find your role.


Home Rotation:


With Operation ARTEMIS coming to an end in March, the unit underwent it's second training cycle of 2019 in preperation for Operation NIMROD. This allowed J Company to train on it's COIN doctrine.




J Company, 1 Troop is briefed by the troop sergeant on civilian interaction.




With Operation NIMROD being in Afghanistan. J Company have been issued Virtus. The troop

has had a few weeks to get to grips with the new equipment prior to deploying.




2 Section prepares to board a Chinook before conducting a live fire exercise.




A rifleman begins running back to his section after being reinserted. 



Operation NIMROD I - II:


42 Commando deployed on Operation NIMROD this week. J Company, 1 Troop deployed to the Anizay Province, Afghanistan. The conflict in India and Pakistan has caused an influx of Taliban forces to push back into Eastern Afghanistan. The Afghanistan government recently appealed to NATO to begin assisting them and currently deployed NATO forces in holding the Eastern regions of Afghanistan. The United States 5th Fleet has been deployed to the Persian Gulf in order to discourage the escalation in the Kashmir Region. The Ministry Of Defence has stated that they have deployed a high readiness battle group to support NATO.


This High Readiness Battlegroup will be deployed on handover operations with US troops who are currently on operations. 42 Commando will be deployed to the Anizay province alongside the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force. 1 Bn has been deployed for the past 6 months at FOB Nauzad and FOB Obeh. J Company, 1 Troop will be conducting a handover operation later this week with B Company to relieve them at FOB Nauzad.




J Company head back to FOB Nauzad after conducting it's first presence patrol.




A Blackhawk reinserts casualties while 1 Troop remain on stag.




1 Section prepare to step off on their first patrol of Operation NIMROD.




1 Troop HQ watch on as troops are inserted into FOB Nauzad.




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May 2019 Update:


Unit Update:


As May nearly ends, the unit remains at Troop strength. Flight has been expanded to a 4 man squadron and we still aim to open Heavy Weapons troop in the near future.




Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tN7Haay


Interested? Apply today to find your role.


2019 Recruitment Video:


Our 2019 Recruitment Video is Officially Released, check it out!



Operation NIMROD III:




Sections line up before stepping off from FOB Nauzad, the medical mastiff can be seen

in the background. This vehicle is used to collect casualties if any are sustained during

the patrols.




J Company 1 Troop conduct a standing patrol south of FOB Nauzad to secure

hearts and minds in the local area.




Section bods watch on as sporadic fire disrupts on the troop level patrol.


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June 2019 Update:


Unit Update:


Operation NIMROD came to an end on the 15th, J Company plans to go onto a 5 week Home Rotation before deploying to Lingor, Kenya. Operation TALISMAN will see us fighting a guerrilla force known as the LRF which is threatening the population of Lingor. 




Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tN7Haay


Interested? Apply today to find your role.




42 Commando has officially released mods to the Steam Workshop for Arma 3. 






Operation NIMROD VII - VIII:




1 Troop move quietly through the Greenzone from PB Kent before raiding an

enemy compound.




J/1/2 plan a method of entry on a nearby compound, the section shortly cleared 

the compound utilising the section LASM's on the compound wall aswell as the

element of surprise.




Aftermath of raid operations, several insurgents were killed once entry was made.





J/1/3 head to compounds after J/1/2 clear them. Image taken on J Companys

final patrol in the greenzone of the Anizay province before their handover with

US forces.




A Section covers off as the front of the patrol take sporadic contact from taliban

in the area.




Lt. J. Major debriefs J Company, 1 Troop after a short deployment to the Anizay

Province, Afghanistan. 



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August 2020 Update:


Unit Update:


As we go into August, the unit has chosen to reprise it's role as commandos by transitioning to Vanguard Strike Company. This is based off a bold modernisation project – known as the Future Commando Force programme – which will overhaul how the world-famous green berets operate. This will give the UK a more agile and lethal capability, ready for missions anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice, whether that’s for war-fighting, specific combat missions such as commando raids, or providing humanitarian assistance.

This is about returning commando forces to their roots: to operate at reach and in all theatres, including the arctic, as the spearhead of operations.




Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tN7Haay


Interested? Apply today to find your role.


Twitter & Discord:


Vanguard is back on twitter using our previous 42 Commando twitter account. Follow us for weekly unit updates: https://twitter.com/VSC_MILSIM


We also utilise Discord as our main form of communication when we aren't using teamspeak which you can find here: https://discord.com/invite/tN7Haay


Operation ONYX:


As of 20th July 2020, the Democratic Turkish Government was Couped and subsequently overthrown by Military backed separatists, Who took control of key infrastructural locations, such as; Government Buildings, Radio and the National TV Station. In the first official TV appearance from the new Turkish military governor. Aggressive claims were made over the sovereignty of the isle of Malden located in the Aegean Sea. With poor support for the new military government, they are looking for a quick and easy victory to bolster support for the regime.


Malden, a UK governed island for centuries, denounces Turkey's claims. With the rising hostility from the new Turkish military government, The British government have released a statement saying "they will defend the island against any hostile action".


In the early hours of the 9th of August 2020, A combined Turkish maritime and Airborne battle group landed at the coastal town le port, located in the south west of Malden. Vanguard Strike Company, whilst conducting training on Malden now find themselves thrusted into leading the initial defence of Malden and securing an area for elements of 16AA bde to land. With minimal armed police presence on the island, a para military force has been formed consisting of farmers and farmers mums because they are all packin' round 'ere. 


Her Royal Highness released a statement saying the following "Come and 'ave a go if you think you're hard enough". With the British government looking a more diplomatic approach is looking to the United Nations to bring a diplomatic end to the conflict, however are willing to display military dominance in the region to defend the islands British sovereignty.


Operation ONYX II:


Vanguard Strike Company have been tasked to Secure a farm called Saint Jean being used as a forward artillery battery location to threaten the Airfield. On completion a blocking force is to be established at Pic De Fese to enable a close target Recce to be conducted on the village of Arundy. 




VCOY move towards the objective via Jackal prior to being contacted by Turkish forces.




Before pushing into the farm of "Saint Jean", team 1 RECCE a gun position.




A Marine covering of his arc after clearing out an enemy bunker.




VCOY regrouped after holding off an enemy counterattack and debriefed in the field.

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