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B52 Project Delta - Unsung Operations

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Project Delta


B52 Project Delta - A Milsim Ops Unit loosely based around the work of the 5th Special Forces Group Long-Range Reconnaissance unit, a precursor to MACV-SOG. We are run ops each week on Sundays, playing with Unsung, TFAR and AIS medical system. Missions will be designed to make use of a modular force - some air and armour supporting the majority on long range recon and destruction operations.


Besides our weekly operations, we have a dedicated team server for members to play on and several public servers running Evolution Co-Op Based Missions. Over the course of the next few months, we plan to add variety to these public servers and add new mission types to the mission rotation.


Project Delta is seeking able-bodied men of all ages to rise to the challenge, and learn the ways of the jungle from the veterans in this unit who have been developing Unsung mod and running weekly ops for more than 4 years - in the dark, the rain, the heat and against massively superior enemy numbers. Project Delta will teach you combat skills, teamwork, weapon and vehicle proficiency and above-all how to survive in the hostile terrain of South-East Asia circa 1965-70.




  • It doesn't matter your level of skill, as we can train you, but we expect you to be a reasonable team player.
  • Military veterans are especially welcome.
  • Patience and an aptitude for team tactics are vital.
  • Arma 3, APEX DLC, microphone and Teamspeak



  • You get to play Arma 3 with the best jungle fighters in the game
  • Play style is informal, though with a lot of ex-military, and mature modders, we have a solid team of operators - we horse around, but not when under fire, or on a scheduled unit op.
  • Teamwork is key. If you can't carry your weight, or work with others, especially being led, then Delta is not for you! You don't need to be an expert, but you do need to be a good human being.
  • We have a teaching (but not preaching) mentality, with literally years researching and playing Vietnam combat ops
  • Intense combat ops, great mission design and variations in roles
  • Be part of the only unit who beta tests Unsung and feeds into its design.
  • You can be in another gaming clan, and still join us, this is a milsim unit set up to support the Unsung mod development, to beta test it, and to play ops together.




We run unit ops on Sundays, and 6 public 24/7 servers provided by Gaming Deluxe, with an additional beta test server provided by mod-team member TeTeT.


Our recent Operation was month 10 of our Vietnam Campaign playing the roles of USMC in 1968. We are currently playing through a campaign based on historical events of the Vietnam war. This is played by a week by week basis, each Op is normally around 4 hours in length.


Recent footage of our last event:


From the perspective from Cherry Squad:



From the perspective of Eagle Flight



Further Information:


Our teamspeak: teamspeak.armanam.eu
Discord group: https://discord.gg/FhJDb7J
Arma3 Unit Profile: https://units.arma3.com/unit/unsung-project-delta


Find out about the real Project Delta:

On May 15 1964 Project Leaping Lena was established by US Army Special Forces Vietnam for countrywide special reconnaissance operations. In June 1965 Leaping Lena was re-designated Project Delta, commanded by a B team (B-52) from 5th Special Forces Group Airborne (SFGA). Delta worked very closely with the Luc Luong Dac Biet (LLDB), ARVN Special Forces units trained by USSF, and the Civilian Irregular Defence Force (CIDG), civilians hired by the US State Department to work for the US Army (often Nung Chinese, Montagnards or Cambodians, as they were ineligible for recruitment to ARVN on racial grounds).

Over it's lifetime Delta grew from six 10-man recon/hunter-killer teams (4 USSF and 6 LLDB) to:

  • Strike-Recondo platoon of 12 6-man teams (3 USSF and 3 LLDB)
  • Roadrunner platoon (dressed as VC) of 12 5-man teams (CIDG)

Supported by 4 Companies from ARVN 81st Airborne Ranger Battalion. Delta worked alongside other USSF units and CIDG Mike Forces (Mobile Guerilla Force, Mobile Strike Force and Camp Security Forces) to detect, disrupt and destroy North Vietnamese and People's Liberation Front (Viet-Cong) supply routes, base camps and operations in the Republic of Vietnam, across all 4 Corps Tactical Zones (CTZ's).

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B52 Project Delta - Unsung Operations - Update


Recently we completed our second campaign which has lasted 13 operations, this was based on a 13 month tour of duty for a USMC Company in Vietnam. Which was based around the fighting of Khe Sanh in 1968.


On Sunday 11th October we moved on to our third campaign which will be a dual campaign with our group taking the roles of the Special Operation Group (SOG) and The AirCav at different points of the campaign. The idea is the SOG will have a mission which will then cause the AirCav to be deployed the following week to deal with the after effects of the SOG operation.


SOG - Operation Castrate


The SOG Operation was over the border in Cambodia, which required a unique set of weapons and uniforms as the USA were not authorised to be there officially. The operation was conducted at night, which meant stealth was required until the target had been found. Once identified Eagle flight was authorised for CAS the target area via Cobra Gunship. Once the target area was saturated with rockets and the target confirmed as been dead. We fell back back to our rally point, while hundreds of NVA troops descended on our previous positions.












If this sounds like the sort of mission you would like to play, then contact us via the following:


Our teamspeak: teamspeak.armanam.eu
Discord group:https://discord.gg/FhJDb7J
Arma3 Unit Profile: https://units.arma3.com/unit/unsung-project-delta




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B52 Project Delta - Unsung Operations - Update

Unsung B52 Project Delta


Sunday Nov 18th Air Cav 1965 Operation Line Backer


Following the work by SOG the previous weekend the Air Cav were tasked with drawing the NVA across the border in Cambodia into Vietnam and then cutting off their reinforcements once the enemy were across the border. This operation really relied on the mobile operation of the Air Cav, as this was our first Air Cav operation we had to get used to having no traditional front line. As Air Cav brought the fight to the enemy. As always a great job done by our Eagle Flight (Helicopter pilots).


A pilot’s eye view:






Sunday Dec 2nd. Second SOG Op' of 1965


This mission required stealth as SOG was tasked with eliminating a recon base, then to sneak into an enemy base and blow everything up. Although the first element went without a hitch, the attack on the enemy base didn't go as planned.





Sunday Dec 9th. Air Cav 1965 Month 2 - Operation Red Wedge


This mission required the Air Cav to finish what SOG tried to do the previous Operation. Air Cav assaulted the recon base, then proceeded to assault and destroy the heavily defended enemy base. This was no easy task with limited pilots and boots on the ground. The task was completed but not before the group had to withdraw urgently before been overrun by the NVA battalion bearing down on them.










Upcoming Operations


Sunday Dec 16th. Air Cav 1965 Month 3 - Operation Eagle


Contact Details:


If this sounds like the sort of mission you would like to play, then contact us via the following:


Our teamspeak: teamspeak.armanam.eu 
Discord group: https://discord.gg/FhJDb7J
Arma3 Unit Profile: https://units.arma3.com/unit/unsung-project-delta

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