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Issue with Scroll Menu Interaction

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I was trying merge BIB A3Wasteland 1.4 and Armory A3Wasteland 1.4 into a new A3Wasteland with ACE3, RHS, TFAR, NPCs on territories, etc

At some point I lost my vanilla Scroll Menu interaction with vehicles (get in Driver, Gunner, Inventory, etc..), crates (Inventory) and item on floor. The rest of option (from mods) are still there: Player Menu, R3F options, vaction, etc...)
For now, I use Enhanced Movement and ACE interactions systems for vehicles and crates, but I don't want that (nor my users)

I was try with another untouch A3Wasteland and its work fine. Is my engendro the broken one.

I don't wanna start over from scratch, there's tons off changes. Please help. and excuse my poor english

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