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Enhanced Helicopter Tailrotor Effect Mod v2.1 Update

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Enhanced Helicopter Tailrotor Effect Mod Version 2.1 For Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve.
         - Enhances the tailrotor effect on vertical tail rotor configured helicopters.

 - Version 2.1 Added all vanilla Helicopters also Bis Base Classes.

 - Increased start time to 15 secs.

 - More challenging flight characteristics.

 - More of a "Take on Helicopters" feel.

 - Version 2.1  Now works better with rudder pedals AND is AI friendly.

 - Will work for Addons based off these units/classes.

 - Signed and has server key.

 - Big Thanks to CPT Dubois for helping to Dev for rudder pedal use.:)

 - Enjoy.:)






Note - This mod enhances the torque/anti-torque effect associated with vertical tail rotor configured helicopters.Try the mod and you will feel the effect.

Edited by ANZACSAS Steven
Update version 2.1
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