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What Am I doing wrong with this mission.

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We are working on setting up a dedicated server for our unit. The serve is up and running.  It loads vanilla missions fine and even missions created in the Eden editor that don't have assets or mods. However when we try and run a mission that we have created using pre-loaded load outs it gets a bit wonky.  I removed the addons from the .SQM file that it stated where in conflict.  


Now I gets to the Role selection Screen and then appears to load but kicks back to the role section screen.  


Here is the latest .rpt file.



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-noPause -noSound -ranking="" -par=""

Useless parameters.

You log says you are trying to load tons of mods via -serverMod? Why? -serverMod should only contain server-side only mods that the clients won't be using. All mods i can see in there should be in the -mod parameter though and also be running on the client.


 0:55:13 WARNING: ace requires ace_compat_rhs_afrf3 (@compat_rhs_afrf3) at version [3,12,3,36] (or higher). You have none.

 0:55:13 WARNING: ace requires ace_compat_rhs_usf3 (@compat_rhs_usf3) at version [3,12,3,36] (or higher). You have none.

Reading the log helps sometimes. You are missing the RHS compats for ACE.


0:55:04 Warning Message: Bad vehicle type VSM_OGA_OD_Backpack_Compact

Seems like your mission requires a VSM backpack that you don't have in your loaded mods.



Many of your modfolder names are wrong.  Look at line 895-952 in your log. The name of the modfolder has to match the actual modfolder.

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