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[SOLVED]Custom buildings not exporting properly

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I have been working on a terrain for my mod and have been creating custom buildings for it. When I spawn the buildings in the editor to test them all is working fine(Checking if player is in bounding box returns true, AI follow paths). When I export to terrain builder and test the buildings after they are on the map, checking if player is in bounding box returns false and the AI will no longer use the paths.


I have all the same geometry lod properties as the sample model from the Arma 3 sample pack defined.
map = house
class = house
damage = no
Prefershadowvolume = 0
sbsource = Shadowvolume


I feel like I'm missing something in terrain builder because everything with the buildings works fine when just spawning the building in. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Losing my mind over this one.



Seems that I needed to add a Land_xx class to the config to fix the issue.


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