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Workshop Mod Update Notifier

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This VBS script notifies when Steam Workshop mod is updated. Windows only.



Usage: put it in Arma folder and schedule it for regular run (as often as soon you want to be notified after update). It will check Workshop mods folder each run and if some of them is updated it will open update log text file.


Advanced usage: WorkshopUpdateNotifier.vbs [notify] [game_path]

If you want to be notified even if system was shut down and log was opened, add one more schedule on logon to run with notify param - it will check if log file is not empty and open it when user is logged on.

If you want to place script not to game folder, pass game folder path as argument or setup run folder in scheduler.


Script saves database with mods update timestamps (WorkshopModUpdateNotifier.txt) and update log file (ModUpdates.txt) to folder where it's placed.


Script was tested on Windows 7.


Run a task every x-minutes with Windows Task Scheduler

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