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Squad Name: CVW-5 (Carrier Air Wing-5)


Preferred gamemode: coop


Carrier air wing 5 (CVW-5) is a new Naval unit with a NSW team ready to go for raids, we primarily focus on deck operations such as flight ops (case I, case II, case III, case IV), but we do have many training opportunities for those wishing to get involved in a secondary MOS that does not pertain to the deck. We roleplay the deck as realistically as it was meant to be played. Professionalism through service is our motto.


We have many opportunities for advancement and advanced "C" School training, even OCS training which can catapult you into the roll of an officer.

We include both enlisted and commissioned officer navy rankings.


In the group, we do require that you participate in deck ops at least once every week so that everyone works around their aircraft/helicopter and that everyone knows how to do the jobs they need to do.


Enlisted personnel will have the opprotunity to choose from a wide variety of jobs/specialties such as:

Aviation Boatswines Mate classification

Naval Aircrewmen Classification

Damage control





Enlisted ratings go from highest to lowest:

Master Chief Petty Officer (limit of 5)

Senior Chief Petty Officer (limit of 5)

Chief Petty Officer (limit of 3)

Petty Officer 1st class

Petty Officer 2nd class

Petty Officer 3rd class


Seamen Basic

Seamen Recruit


Currently there are no Warrant Officer Ranks, but depending on how big the squad gets we may implement them.


Officers are classed into few job titles such as:

Landing Signal Officer

Flight Deck Officer

Naval Aviator

Weapons Systems Officer



Officer ranks go from highest to lowest:


Lieutenant Commander


Lieutenant Junior Grade



All personnel no matter rank/job must have a deck rating as either their primary or secondary NEC.


We encourage and expect all personnel to attend all events/play sessions, ask questions if they dont know the answer to something, follow their leadership and overall chain of command, etc.


If you wish to be a part of us then please feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/9gfAA9G

have any questions? free to get in contact with me through discord:



Hu'ah Navy! Have a nice day.


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