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101st |Airborne| Division| Vietnam War

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101st |Airborne| Division| Vietnam War


______________________________________Welcome to The War________________________________________


EtI2H8QBfw.png    Who we are?

A unit that simulates the Vietnam War, with quality, combat doctrine, brings the game to reality.

We take films about the Vietnam War and turn it into a mission

Unit activity in 3 stages basic training and advanced training
Operational activity almost every day
And special tasks. 


EtI2H8QBfw.pngOperations and training are held three to five times throughout the week, typically starting at 2000 GMT, with a focus on tactical realism. We do not discriminate against nationality, race, gender, or religion.


EtI2H8QBfw.png Clan FRT

Fight for your country

Fight the best unit in the Vietnam War

- No 3rd Person
- Al 3 Enemy + Scripts

- Quality tasks
- No NVGs while looking down sights
- ACE3 Advanced Medical System
- ACE3 Advanced Ballistics System
- Stamina Enabled
- Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE2)
- Uniform & Equipment Standards
- Cooperative PvE Missions
- Positions: Assaulter, Grenadier, Autorifleman, Breacher, Medic, Zeus, Pilot (rotary/fixed)


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