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Brake (Analogue) control axis - what does it do, how to configure it?

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I've just returned to ArmA 2 OA and when setting up my HOTAS I noticed that there's a Brake (Analogue) axis for aircraft. I'm not sure if that control is for an air brake and should be mapped to its own axis or whether the reverse of the axis I have mapped to Thrust (analogue) should be used for mapping it; I.e. if I map my throttle quadrants Z+ axis for thrust, should I map Z- for brake? As well, I've noticed that when level flying, I only get an increase in speed when my thrust axis is at 75% or higher. I've also noticed that just above that (seems like 80% on the SU 25) an afterburner kicks in. Is there anyway to configure it so that the thrust kicks in at a lower percentile/position?


For now, I went ahead and mapped one of my throttle's 3 axis to brake (analogue) and it does seem to cause an decrease in air speed, but again it only seems to make a difference at the 75% position or higher. Any feedback or answers to this would be much appreciated.

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