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[SP/COOP] In Hindsight - A helicopter campaign (powered by RHS)

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This campaign is for people who like flying helicopters in ArmA3. Most missions focus on the Mil Mi-24 Hind because of its versatilty. The campaign fully supports the Advanced Flight Model.
The story is about a former military pilot and if the mission is played solo this character should be chosen. The first season of the campaign allows for up to 2 player to play COOP as pilot and gunner, later missions will allow more people in several helicopters.
All missions are still BETA and the COOP is somewhat untested. Any constructive feedback is appreciated.
The campaign includes a ton of references to other games, movies and TV-shows often with some silly humour. Hope you are not easily offended.



-RHS team

-CUP team

-Grumpy Old Man for his awesome loadout script

-ALIAS for his roadflare script

-Project Opfor team

-all the modders, scripters, mission builders etc. who make this community great since OFP days.


Steam Workshop Link


Have fun!

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Excellent to see more SP content for helicopter pilots - will check it out asap!

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