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Please teach me how to describe init form to set vehicle camouflage.

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I want spawn T-140 with Grey camouflage.

but I don't know how to describe init form to spawn vehicle with specific camouflage.

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hmmm... the setObjectTextureGlobal should ever run on server only.


For T140 (Angara) or any vehicle, you can follow this process:

- place your Angara in editor and right click on it / edit vehicle appearance. Choose the texture (grey) and the "animations" (camo nets)

- prior to hit OK, export to the clipboard


The exported code should like:

_veh = createVehicle ["O_MBT_04_cannon_F",position player,[],0,"NONE"];
] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle;


You just need to remove the createVehicle line, and change _veh for your own variable name.

Bis_fnc_initVehicle is MP compatible, but should be run locally (usually on server for same reason as above). Furthermore, these is no reason to run the code on every JIP (not local).


In case of respawn vehicle system, you must re-run the code on new vehicle.






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