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Adam Anderson

Something missing... needs more of a “point” suggestions

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You build a shelter. You loot. You fight but you dont have to. 

The shelter is like nothing. All you can achieve of value in the end is more weapons. Theres not enough to do in the shelter, and theres no point but survival to fight. Something has to give. You have to be able to “Win” a game somehow or you lose interest. 

Dont get me wrong this game is shaping up very well.

it has great suspense and “feel” 

But add that extra oomph in one of those areas and youll get by. 

Heres my loose and adaptable idea/example.

im sure there will he some reasons some of it wont work but its worth a shot.

- (First you create servers based players actual geological location to prevent overcrowding.)

Customizable shelters, with looks based upon thier locations. (I.e a shelter for every map.)

i cant remember how many maps there are but lets say there are 8 of them.  Make 16 “Factions” that players can join. No two players of the same faction can join one game (unless they are in duo mode ) 

Create two game modes. The current mode can be “standard “ or “scavenge” mode.

the second is a battle royal type mode where the last “faction” standing gets a point. That point goes toward ownership of that map or “territory”

and whichever faction has the most points by the end of the week owns that territory. The fact that your faction owns that territory means you can now travel to and use that maps shelter. Each maps shelter can even have a special “perk” or something you can craft to use in game to give you a slight battlefield advantage. If your faction owns multiple territories you can travel between them using all of those perks. (Nothing to major and typically something lootable off of a corpse if its an item and not a recourse) If your faction owns zero territories you are stuck to your default shelter and it is not only customizable appearance wise but you have a shooting range editor and maybe can visit friends shelters. Maybe they have to be in the same faction maybe they don’t. Maybe you can “trade” with other players.

At the end of each “season” the faction with the most territories wins And recieves a special prize.


almost anything related to any of these ideas would make this game have a point and therfore be amazing.




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I see what your saying, that there needs to be a point. But I dont think seasons or factions are a way to go. Just because of the game its meant to be. No offense but another For Honor experience in this form would suck.

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