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Project Taketombo




I'm P. Dubois aka "Feenx"


I have a work-in-progress to share. This project is being developed under Feenx Studios and won't have an official name until closer to it's release. Note this project is in the development phase so everything listed here and below is subject to addition, change or cancellation. Some features will make it to the release version and some won't. There is no release date as of now or any further information to give outside of this thread. However, if interested I'd recommend following this thread for future updates.



This project includes some but not limited to the following below:



  • Collective.
  • Pedals.
  • Cyclic *already animated*.
  • Switches (essentials only).
  • Main and tail rotor pitch linkage.
  • Doors open / close.
  • Trim strings (with wind).
  • Night flying; landing light, position, anti-collision (strobe) and instrument lighting.
  • plus more...



  • Caution panel warning lights appropriate to arma  SFM damage hitpoints.
  • Blade coning appropriate to rpm and lift.
  • Airframe vibrations.
  • Some aerodynamic occurrences during hovering and forward flight.
  • Aircraft behavior (enhanced wind simulation).
  • plus more...



(basic start-up and shut-down procedures)

  • Battery.
  • APU (generator).
  • Starter.
  • Throttle; independent of collective; keybind/rotation axis; configurable control for manipulating rpm (idle to fly).
  • Rotor brake.
  • plus more...



  • Various levels in engine noise for appropriate rpm.
  • Aerodynamic sounds during hovering and forward flight.
  • When interacting with switches and other parts of the helicopter.
  • plus more...



This will all be built and tested on a helicopter model. This helicopter will be built from the ground up and serve as a template for these upgrades to the standard flight model. Initial thought was to use a base BIS helicopter but that turned out to not be the best option for our vision. Not sure yet, deciding between AS350, Bell 206,  or R66 for now which will serve that purpose. To elaborate, this project is to enhance the SFM with immersive and interactive features for helicopters. Creating a brand new working helicopter model is just an added bonus. That more so helps us to lay down the ground work for this project and move forward to upgrading pre-existing helicopters in the future.




Thank you for reading

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10/2/18 Dev Update: Early model image below. There is good progress on model so far. Stay tuned for more.







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A Skin for the USCG TA-45 helicopter would be great.Coast Guard used a bright red and white paint and was used for training and if you want to do some other version,it`s most welcome.It looks great .Very exited to see the Airframe vibrations at work.

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