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remove zeus objects alone in one area

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Hello guys, I hope you are very well, I am asking for help around here I am trying to make everything that is within the area of a trigger removed from Zeus, I am using this command


{{_x removeCuratorEditableObjects [allUnits,true];_x removeCuratorEditableObjects [vehicles,true];} forEach allCurators;} remoteExec ["bis_fnc_call", 2];

I am trying to use a single curator so that I only select the trigger but I have not yet managed to do it, could they help me out please, thanks

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Using inAreaArray, I was able to sort through an array of objects and find out which object is the trigger area defined by the variable name "trigger". To execute this, I put the script in a separate file in the mission folder and executed it with execVM.

In your mission folder:

// Script File:

	_x removeCuratorEditableObjects [(allUnits inAreaArray trigger), true];
	_x removeCuratorEditableObjects [(vehicles inAreaArray trigger),true];
} forEach allCurators;

In the debug console to execute:

// Execution example:

execVM "scripts\remove_inTrigger.sqf";

One thing I did notice is that objects like fences and buildings weren't removed.

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Hello friends, I have come back here because of the same problem, previously the script was working but not anymore, it must be for the version of the game, what can I do please help

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