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Northern Fronts - Scandinavia in WW2

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Mod description:

Northern Fronts devteam in cooperation with FWW2 is proud to announce development of Northern Fronts mod for Arma 3. The mod will add armies fighting in Scandinavia during World War two, including:

  • Finnish Army [1939 - 1945] - Winter War, Continuation War and Lapland War,
  • Royal Norwegian Army and Navy [1940] - Invasion of Norway,
  • Norwegian Ressistance fighters [1940 - 1945] - Occupied Norway,
  • Red Army [1939 - 1940] - Winter War,
  • Danish Army [1940] - Invasion of Denmark,
  • Foreign volounteers - fighting in Finland and Norway

About: Mod is going to include realistic representations of weaponry, equipment and vehicles used by all the forces listed above, allowing the community to create great scenarios taking place in cold, northern countreis. The development started in November 2017 and with increasing support from community, FWW2 team and Finnish community modders it was possible to create huge variety of assets with custom models, textures, animations and sounds. After first succesfull beta-test we are happy to announce the mod to the public. It is important to note that Northern Fronts is aiming to be a standalone mod, it doesn't use any dependencies, although it includes ACE compatibility. We do realise that players will be using other mods just to have oposing faction for forces included in Northern Fronts, but we don't want to force usage of any mods. It is also worth noting that Northern Fronts team stands strongly against ripping the assets from other mods or games without their permission and will take seriously any violation of team's rights to the created content.

Development: Although our aim is to include all the listed factions in A3, we had to start somewhere and set up a list of priorities.The decision has been made to start with Finnish Army in Continuation/Lapland War and currently the mod includes most of infantry weaponry used by Finnish forces in that period. Further development will include both small and big updates:

Big updates will consist of bunch of fresh assets, altough won't be frequent. Those assets might be an introduction of new army, a pack of weapons an uniforms, or some vehicles.

Small updates will be thematical and limited to small ammount of assets, yet more frequent than the big ones: example can be a Sissi/Jaeger update which will include pieces of equipment unique for light infantry or scout units, such as long-range radio, explosives or bicycles. Those updates will always be focused around a theme, making each of them something unique and giving possibilities for new scenarios to be created.

Status and contact: Currently, mod is in v.0.2 - Cavalry Update! Here are the links:

Discord: https://discord.gg/2UeReb
Steam workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1507586063
ACE compat: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1507963938&tscn=1536513102


To get in touch with us or take a closer look at development, feel invited to our Discord: https://discord.gg/2UeReb


Credits (by the date of joining the team):

- Sokolonko - head dev, hard surface 3D, soft surface 3D, animations, implementation, management, failing to understand github, poking people with a stick to do more work
- Caselius - soft surface 3D, textures, historical information, multiplying mod size by adding termendious ammounts of Variety™, insane ammount of unit configs

- Brave Sir Charge - props 3D, public relations, memes

- h- -all custom scripted features, sounds, FWW2 cooperation, breaking the mod one day before each update, fixing the mod 15 minutes before the update, re-scripting the whole engine
- Troska - hard surface 3D,  ArmaFinland cooperation, being actually consistent with delivering assets
- Temppa - mass producting terrains, beer and sauna


Special thanks:

- Jellonavesa - for kp31, m39 and l35 models
- IFA3 team for helping me start with modding, thanks Kju, El Tyranos and GSTAVO,

- KJ, HorribleGoat, Rob (Eggbeast), X3KJ and many others for helping out with anny issues reported on ArmA 3 discord,
- Muzeum Uzbrojenia w Poznaniu - Polish museum that invited us to record their WW2 weapons with some top-noch equipment. Really huge respect for those guys,
- My friends that borrowed me their recording equipment for the recordings without asking for anything,
- Forgotten Fronts - for cooperation on overlaping assets and supplying our discord with memes,
- ArmaFinland - for helping us with beta-tests and providing both server and players,

- Saucco for ls26 sounds,
- CSA38 - for creating great source of refrence photos and helping out with configs,
- Yle Arkisto - Finnish weapons sound reffrences and samples,
- http://etulinja.net/ - for great support in historical information,

- Justin N. & Renner from FF for M35 helmet model and Panzerfaust decals,
- Michael Cecconet (RedRogueXIII) - plenty of high-poly weapon models donated to our devteam (that are yet to be revealed!),
- Steelexia from FWW2 - Maxim model,
- Basher - helping with unit configs,
- Tuntematon - For static weapon re-supply script and beta-testing.

- Ashton - Awesome 3D work: Krag, Madsens and more
- Anddy - support on the early stages of the project

Sound credits:
- soundslikewillem (freesound.org) - molotov && improvised kasapanos fuse sound. License CC BY-NC 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/legalcode), file name:Fuse.wav, edits: low-cut EQ - slight cuts - normalized to 98%

- 160033 (freesound.org) - Liquid In Square Glass Bottle.wav. Licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0) ( https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/ ) Edits: Cut to several parts, low-cut EQ
- plingativator (freesound.org) - munition_shells.wav. Licensed under Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) ( https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) Edits: Cut to several parts, low-cut EQ
- OwlStorm (freesound.org) - blanket movement sounds. Licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication
- crescendo (freesound.org) - match.wav. Licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication
- brianhanson2nd (freesound.org) - loading clip. Licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication
- pugaeme (Freesound.org) - flamethrower.wav Licensed under: Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Edits: cut to pieces + EQ

Most of all thanks to all men and women for the service in defence of their homeland during those dark times.



Where do I report bugs or share my suggestions?

We use our discord server as main way of communication with the community: https://discord.gg/2UeReb


Will there be more terrain in the mod?

Temppa's terrains are amazing but they take ages to create, therefore it's not expected to see much more terrains any time soon. This does not mean that work on terrains is closed, it only means you need to be patient and keep your eyes open for progress updates from the team. You can also support Temppa by inventing a device that would fuse drinking beer and being in sauna directly into Arma 3 terrains.

I feel like this mod really needs a scenario, will you make one?

Yes! One day we will. For now look for community made scenarios on Steam Workshop.

I want to help with development, but I don't know anything about 3d modelling or texturing, how can I be of any use?

Easiest way: go to our discord and tell the developers what you think about the mod, give some feedback or just throw some nice words. Remember that each time you tell developer he is doing a great job, he works 0,005% faster.
The other way: learn modding, now it's best time to start. 3d modelling is suprisingly easy and with some tutoring you will have really nice results quickly. Your assets will be used in mod, with your name listed amongst the other devs (you can show it to your friends and family so they will ask you some uncomfortable questions). You can also try and make some weapon sounds, animations, textures, anything that you feel like doing, the community is full of people willing to share their knowledge, and Northern Fronts developers are more than happy to help you. Remember it has to be fun to you though, after all we make it for free and for our own satisfaction. Make sure to catch up with Sokolonko on our Discord if you feel like modding might be something fun for you, he will guide you through the grim and dangerous lands of Arma 3 modding.


Will the Norwegians get more assets?

Eventually, yes but it's not a high priority. Norwegians didn't use a lot of equipment during the war and it's really difficult to find refrence pictures of the assets that were used. Frankly speaking, most of the equipment used by Norwegians is already in the mod.


When will Swedes and Danes be added?

Eventually, yes but we are focusing more on Finnish and Soviet factions. Even though both Swedish and Danish forces (including Danish Ressistance!) are an exciting vision, we simply don't have enough manpower to focus on them. Finnish front is well docummented and due to the popularity a lot of 3D assets can be purchased online what makes the production much simpler. For less popular assets used by Swedes and Danes we have to work on everything from scratch, not only it's harder to find good refrence of the assets, but it's also much more time consuming. As an example: Bofors 37mm gun took about 40 hours only to create the model, in half of that time we were able to purchase, texture and implement 4 other static guns.


More assets when?

When ready! Implementation process for vehicles takes ages. Thankfully now after 1.0 we have a great base to build on so the progress should be a lot smoother.

I'm a single girl attracted to Arma 3 modders, can I invite any of you guys for coffe?
Jokes on you, we are all single girls!

0.1 Release:



ADDED: [FIN] M36 Uniform (Artillery, Infantry, Jaegers & Armored Division)

ADDED: [FIN] M36 Summer Tunic (Artillery, Infantry, Jaegers & Armored Division)



ADDED: [FIN] Kp/31 "Suomi"

ADDED: [FIN] Mosin M39 "Ukko-Pekka"

ADDED: [FIN] Mosin M91

ADDED: [FIN] Lahti Saloranta LS26

ADDED: [FIN] Lahti L35 ADDED: [FIN] Panzerfaust 30

ADDED: [FIN] Panzerfaust 30 Klein


Static weapons:

ADDED: [FIN] Lahti L39 20mm

ADDED: [FIN] Maxim M/09-21



ADDED: [FIN] Molotov Cocktail

ADDED: [FIN] Kasapanos 2kg

ADDED: [FIN] Kasapanos 3kg

ADDED: [FIN] Kasapanos 3,5kg (improvised)

ADDED: [FIN] Kasapanos 4kg

ADDED: [FIN] Kasapanos 6kg (improvised)

ADDED: [FIN] M32 Grenade

ADDED: [FIN] M32 Mortar Grenade

ADDED: [FIN] M43 Sirpalekranaatti



ADDED: [FIN] Gasmask Bag

ADDED: [FIN] Breadbag

ADDED: [FIN] Map Bag

ADDED: [FIN] Sipulisäkki Backpack



ADDED: [FIN] Rifleman Belt (3 variants)

ADDED: [FIN] SMG/Assault Belt (2 variants)

ADDED: [FIN] Officer Belt

ADDED: [FIN] M22 Belt

ADDED: [FIN] M30 Belt



ADDED: [FIN] Hungarian M38 Helmet

ADDED: [FIN] Austrian – German M16/17/18 Helmet

ADDED: [FIN] Finnish M40 / Swedish M37 Helmet

ADDED: [FIN] German M35 Helmet

ADDED: [FIN] Czech M34 Helmet

ADDED: [FIN] Italian M33 Helmet

ADDED: [FIN] Finnish M36 "Verikauha" Field Cap

ADDED: [FIN] Finnish M39 "Suikka"

ADDED: [FIN] Finnish M39 "Turkislakki" Fur Hat



ADDED: Editor module: "World FX" -> Breath Fog

ADDED: Editor module: "World FX" -> Rain FX

ADDED: Editor module: "World FX" -> Insect Swarm

ADDED: Bolt Action & Casing Eject framework

ADDED: Magazine cross-pack (available if running ACE) - enables re-packing ammunition between different weapons using the same ammunition

ADDED: ~60 wartime unit insignias of Finnish units

ADDED: Custom animations for all new weapons

ADDED: Custom sounds for all new weapons (mixed with samples of WW2 equipment recorded by the devs in Muzeum Uzbrojenia w Poznaniu)

0.2 Cavalry update:



ADDED: [FIN] M36 Cavalry Uniform
ADDED: [FIN] Cavalry officer uniform



ADDED: [SOV] Nagan revolver



Static weapons:

ADDED: [FIN] 76/k02 howitzer



ADDED: [FIN] M36 Field Cap variants
ADDED: [FIN] M38 Helmet variants
ADDED: [FIN] M39 Sidecap variants



ADDED: Static weapon UI icons
ADDED: Static weapons magazines for infantry system (soldiers can carry additional magazines to static weapons to resupply them)
FIXED: LS26 size
FIXED: All mosin variants now have visible clip on reload animation
FIXED: Uniform shadows missing heads
FIXED: Minor gearing and bag shadow issues
FIXED: Lahti L39 now prioritises vehicles over infantry when picking targets
FIXED: Various weapons deploypoints (limited sinking into ground when deploying weapon in prone position)(edited)
FIXED: Magazine crosspack
FIXED: Molotov compatibility with IFA3 vehicles
FIXED: NF units can be used in spawn module

ADDED: weapons and magazines as editor placeable pickable items.
FIXED: reported crosspack bug (visible scripting error and freezing repack dialog)
ADDED: mag crosspack is available in the plain action menu if ACE is not used
ADDED: Finnnns into the Spawn AI Eden modules.

FIXED: Manual bolting was not synced across network
FIXED: freelook key was blocked while bolting

ADDED: Scenario start module to create a unified style "fade into scenario" film effect
ADDED: Scenario end module, akin to above one with scenario end attributes (as in which ending to select etc).
ADDED: A typewriter style font (default used by the above modules)
ADDED: Modules for constant film effect (you know, for cutscenes etc), and for starting/ending the constant film effect (in case someone wants to do that) 
ADDED: Module for adding the "film reel wiggling text" with extra functionality
ADDED: Serverside Settings module. Possibility to override the client settings available in the in-game pause menu -> options -> north options

FIXED: Insect swarms were not deleted when module was deleted(edited)
FIXED: the reported scripting error pop-up
FIXED: another possible scripting error pop-up (most likely shown up for people but gone unreported)
FIXED: IFA tanks were not being killed with fire
FIXED: getting into a burning tank did not kill you, only when exiting it..
FIXED: flames on vehicles and men would burn forever
FIXED: Player killed by molotov should no longer respawn in flames...
ADDED: burning men now lose all their inventory
ADDED: burning men can have their inventory cook-off when caught on fire, at 30% probability. Probability can be tweaked in mod settings
TWEAKED: molotoved vehicle may explode after being burned for a while.
TWEAKED: molotov flames now go out faster depending on rain
ADDED: if soldier moves through a molotov flame (on ground) depending on the speed of the movement the following will happen: move slow and you die into the flame, move faster and your feet will catch fire (and will get damaged ofc). In latter case if you stop you will be engulfed in flames after a few seconds (need feedback on this), if you keep running the flames will die out in some seconds, if you run into water they of course go out immediately.


1.0 Winter War


Major additions:

- ADDED: Finnish Army 1939, 1941 and 1944 factions
- ADDED: Red Army 1939, 1941 and 1944 factions
- ADDED: More bugs aka features for players to enjoy



-    ADDED: [FIN] Kp/31 Suomi SJR
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/91 Tikka Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/91-24 Lotta Rifle  
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/27 PH Sniper Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/28 Civil Guard Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/28-30 Civil Guard Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/39 SOV Sniper Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] Panzerschreck (+3 color variants)
-    ADDED: [SOV] M/91-30 Mosin Nagant
-    ADDED: [SOV] M/91-30 Mosin Nagant (PEM)
-    ADDED: [SOV] M/91-30 Mosin Nagant (PU)
-    ADDED: [SOV] SVT-38
-    ADDED: [SOV] SVT-40
-    ADDED: [SOV] SVT-40 PU
-    ADDED: [SOV] PPD-34
-    ADDED: [SOV] PPD-34/38
-    ADDED: [SOV] PPD-40
-    ADDED: [SOV] PPSh-41
-    ADDED: [SOV] TT-33
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/91 Mosin Nagant
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/27 Pystykorva
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/39 Ukko-Pekka
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/39 PH Sniper Rifle
-    CHANGED: Most if not all of the weapon textures
-    CHANGED: Accuracy, recoil, ROF, mass, and AI behaviour tweaks
-    CHANGED: Zeroing for most weapons
-    CHANGED: Nagant reload animations & sounds
-    CHANGED: Most weapon reload animations


-    ADDED: [FIN] M/44 Sokaisupullo
-    ADDED: [SOV] RDG-1
-    ADDED: [SOV] RGD-33
-    ADDED: [SOV] RGD-42
-    ADDED: [SOV] F1
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] Molotov Cocktail
-    CHANGED: All textures of the Finnish grenades and explosives!


Static Weapons:
-    ADDED: 50mm RM-38
-    ADDED: 81 KrH 32
-    ADDED: 37 PstK 36
-    ADDED: 45mm AT-Gun Obr. 37
-    ADDED: 76mm Regimental Gun Obr. 27
-    ADDED: 76mm Divisional Gun Obr. 36
-    ADDED: 152mm Howitzer Obr. 38
-    ADDED: Raised variants of the Maxim M/09-21
-    FIXED: 76 K 02 related issues. Artillery computer works now (hopefully!)

-    ADDED: Vickers 6-ton
-    ADDED: T-26 obr. 1931
-    ADDED: T-26 obr. 1933
-    ADDED: T-26 obr. 1938
-    ADDED: T-26-K obr. 1933
-   ADDED: T-26E ”Vickers”
-    ADDED: KhT-130
-    ADDED: T-28 obr. 1938
-    ADDED: T-28-K obr.1938
-    ADDED: T-28E


-    ADDED: [FIN] M/22-36 Greatcoats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/27 Uniforms
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/27 Snowsuits
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/30 Greatcoats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/36 Greatcoats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/36 Leather Jackets
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 31 Polushubuks
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 32 Telogreikas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35 Shinels
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35 Gimnasterkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35-41 Shinels
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35 Gimnasterkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 37 Camouflage Uniforms
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/36 Summer Tunic
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/36 Uniform
-    FIXED: Shadow issues on Norwegian Civilian clothing

-    ADDED: [FIN] M/16 Helmets
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/18 Helmets
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/22 Field Caps
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/22 Fur Hats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/22 Officer Caps
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/26 Helmets
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/27 Civil Guard Field Caps
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/27 Fur hats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/36 Hats with piping
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/39 Officer Fur hats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/39 Fur Hat opened variants
-    ADDED: [GER] M35 Helmets
-    ADDED: [GER] M40 Helmets
-    ADDED: [GER] M42 Helmets
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 27 Budenovkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 31 Finkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35 Furazhkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35 Pilotkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 40 Ushankas
-    ADDED: [SOV] SSh-36
-    ADDED: [SOV] SSh-38
-    ADDED: [SOV] SSh-40
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/17 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/33 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/34 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/35 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/36 Field Caps
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/37 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/38 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/39 Side Caps
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/39 Fur Hats
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/40 Helmets

-    ADDED: [FIN] Balaclavas
-    ADDED: [FIN] Scarves
-    ADDED: [FIN] Glasses
-    ADDED: [FIN] Sunglasses
-    ADDED: [FIN] Medical armband
-    ADDED: [SOV] Balaclavas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Scarves
-    ADDED: [SOV] Glasses
-    ADDED: [SOV] Guards Badge
-    ADDED: Various types of gloves


- ADDED: 49 Finnish gearing variants
- ADDED: 20 Soviet gearing variants
- ADDED: [FIN] Kyynel radio (TFAR-compatible)
- ADDED: [FIN] Molotov Bag
- ADDED: [FIN] Panzershreck Frame
- ADDED: [SOV] Gasmask Bag
- ADDED: [SOV] M35 Backpack
- ADDED: [SOV] M38 Backpack
- ADDED: [SOV] Meshok
- ADDED: [SOV] Shinel
- NEW MODEL: [FIN] Gasmask Bag
- NEW MODEL: [FIN] Breadbag
- CHANGED: All other Finnish backpacks textures updated


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Just wanted to come in and say this is a great addon! I'm personally getting more and more interested in the WW2 armies outside of the Germans, Soviets and primary western allies. The animations are well done and the units themselves look great! I look forward to further releases.

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Required addons are CBA & CUP Terrains - Core

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Now with the first release we've been focusing on the first bigger update of the mod which is... 


The cavalry update. 


This upcoming update will feature the Finnish cavalry along with their most common gear.




History of the Finnish Cavalry is long and reaches back to the early 1600's. Back then Finnish cavalry earned fame in various European battlegrounds. Their war-cry "Hakkaa päälle!" was used to describe then in literature as Hackapells or Hakkapeliitta. Finnish Civil War saw creation of some Cavalry units, which had their traditional roots in the original 30-Years-War cavalry regiments. Cavalry Brigade was created in 1921 to Lappeenranta. Cavalry Brigade later contained some non-cavalry units such as Jaeger Battalions 1 and 6. The special role of the cavalry regiments required special gear such as riding pants and cavalry carbines.


Winter War also saw some small cavalry squadrons being formed as part of Light Detachments. Most known one is the Cavalry Squadron of the Light Detachment 8, which suffered heavy losses at the battle of Äyräpää in 1940. This attack was pictured in the movie "Talvisota (1989)". The Cavalry Brigade fought in the Karelian Isthmus in 1939, Ladoga motti battles in 1940, Eastern-Karelia in 1941, VT-Line 1944, Vyborg Bay Battles & Ilomantsi in 1944.




First of the two regiments in the Cavalry Brigade was the Uusimaa Dragoon Regiment. This battalion sized regiment had their own dragoon collar insignia with blue piping on yellow. Field Marshall Mannerheim was Colonel in Chief of the regiment. In the Winter War, the URR was commanded by Col. Harry Alfthan and in the Continuation War by Lt. Col. Hans von Essen




Second, but not least; of the Cavalry Brigade's Regiments is the Häme (Tavastian) Cavalry Regiment. Their collar insignia was red on yellow. In Winter War the regiment was commanded by Lt Col. Matti Tiiainen and in the Continuation War, the regiment was led by Col. Gustaf Ehrnrooth and from 1944 by Maj. Mauno Sirama




Naturally, The Cavalry requires their own carbine in their mod. This M/27 Infantry Rifle based carbine was the main firearm of the Cavalry Brigade in WW2.



*Credit missing from the image: Saucco for the DP-27 sounds in addition to h-


The update will contain one extra weapon for all Finnish units: the DP-27. This Soviet LMG became the most common LMG in Finnish usage.


Stay tuned for the future updates, there will be more content coming along this update.

Edited by Caselius
Fixed missing credit
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There seem to be some unsigned pbo's:







Tried to add this mod to our server, but players can't get to server because these unsigned pbo's. Our community would appreciate if you guys could fix this fast. Thanks for advance.

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On 23/11/2018 at 3:09 PM, Enzio said:

There seem to be some unsigned pbo's:







Tried to add this mod to our server, but players can't get to server because these unsigned pbo's. Our community would appreciate if you guys could fix this fast. Thanks for advance.

Hello mate, we are aware of the issue and we are working hard to get it fixed.

It is on the top of our list for fixing.


Cheers for the feedback. 

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To those of you who missed it - Northern Fronts got updated yesterday!
The Winter War started 79 years ago today on the 30th of November 1939 and because of this significant day in the history of the Finnish nation, the NF team and I are proud to bring you the Cavalry Update, featuring many hours of blood, sweat and tears as well as small elements of Sokolonko's sanity. This update took the team back to the days of Finnish cavalry and features all the content shown to you via our previous announcements as well as much more! From our ragtag family to yours, thank you for all the support and kind words, we hope to have more news and screenshots for you soon! For a full changelog check out our steam workshop site or BIforums page! 76k02.png?width=1202&height=677

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Beautiful mod, guys! Will we see in it Finnish tanks such as Vickers and Soviet captured such as BT-5,7 and T-28

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Hello, amazing mod. But there is a problem with the weapon: Kp/31 "Suomi". It keeps crashing my game. Any ideas on what might be causing it? Thanks. 

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36 minutes ago, Rex Imperator said:

Hello, amazing mod. But there is a problem with the weapon: Kp/31 "Suomi". It keeps crashing my game. Any ideas on what might be causing it? Thanks. 

Come to the discord and tell  more about the problem: https://discord.gg/UdQyUxr

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On 1/15/2019 at 2:27 AM, Temppa said:

Come to the discord and tell  more about the problem: https://discord.gg/UdQyUxr

Thank you for the help. But the invite for the discord has expired apparently. Am i the only one really having this problem? Checked the other weapons and they seem fine. The Kp/31 "Suomi" is the only weapon that seems to have an error. (Only the drum magazine is visible, the whole gun is invisible, then my game crashes.) 

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Hello there everyone! Temppa and the rest of the team are proud to announce the release of the Northern Fronts: Terrain mod. It (for now) includes 2 terrains; Olhava and Summa. What's special about Summa is that it's out first winter map! You can download it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1630816076

But wait, that's not all! We also published a small patch to the mod itself that *should* fix a couple of issues with lag in MP. See you next time for some more news!

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On 1/13/2019 at 7:28 PM, Temppa said:

Few pictures of upcoming Northern fronts terrains:
More pics: https://imgur.com/a/zTxxO99

Summa Winter:
More pics: https://imgur.com/a/4U5sSSQ


Hi Temppa, I would like to edit a mission (Operation Archery) of WW2 in Suursaari winter map, but I would need a version with sea water, as is the original map, it would be a lot to ask for such a version? Thanks for your attention!

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15 hours ago, Diablo Squad ALPHA said:


Hi Temppa, I would like to edit a mission (Operation Archery) of WW2 in Suursaari winter map, but I would need a version with sea water, as is the original map, it would be a lot to ask for such a version? Thanks for your attention!

Hi, i can make extra version with water but i dont send it to steam, just dropbox link.

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14 hours ago, Temppa said:

Hi, i can make extra version with water but i dont send it to steam, just dropbox link.

THANK YOU very much!!!! 😄 I'm very happy !!!

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Hello everyone,


We announced our next bigger update on 1st April out of any possible dates with a puzzle. It was solved pretty quickly; and as some might have predicted the next update will be adding the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian Resistance. The added content will also include generic 1940's civilians. Northern Fronts Terrains will be updated with Vinjesvingen terrain.


I'll let the pictures talk for themselves:











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