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Northern Fronts - Scandinavia in WW2

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Hello again for yet another preview!

We'd like to show some more of the new and updated assets in the modification, which are mostly aimed towards the Continuation War.

On the first image of this teaser you can see the brand new Finnish Border guards. Border/Frontier Guards took part on the fighting as separate companies and battalions subordinated to the Army. Frontier troops were renowned for their expertise in ranging and local knowledge, because of this, their units were elevated to "Border Jaeger" status after Winter War as reward for their good performance.


Cavalry has also received updated uniforms. On the second and third image you can see Uudenmaan Rakuunarykmentti's (URR) Dragoons in an parade formation. The regiment (although battalion sized) based its traditions on the renowned hakkapeliitta's of the 1600's. The honorary colonel-in-chief of the Dragoons was the Field Marshall Mannerheim himself. The regiment fought the war both mounted and dismounted - however in 1943 it was reorganized to an bicycle battalion whilst still retaining the old name and traditions.


Rather forgotten, but very important were the Finnish Navy coastal (artillery) troops. As rear-line units they were equipped with older and more varied equipment supplemented by whatever was captured. It was their responsibility to guard the many islands and coastal areas on the Gulf of Finland. They saw heavy fighting during the summer 1944 offensive, namely at the Vyborg Bay. The defenders of Suursaari also faced and thwarted a German landing operation later the same year.


Last and not least: Let us return to Battle of Summa during the Winter War - Where Soviets have brought in one of their chemical (flame-throwing) tanks!



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Finally, after 3 years of development, Northern Fronts 1.0.0 is released!
Old assets are replaced with new ones and plenty more are added, enjoy the changelog below while we are preparing the workshop upload:

Major additions:

- ADDED: Finnish Army 1939, 1941 and 1944 factions
- ADDED: Red Army 1939, 1941 and 1944 factions
- ADDED: More bugs aka features for players to enjoy



-    ADDED: [FIN] Kp/31 Suomi SJR
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/91 Tikka Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/91-24 Lotta Rifle  
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/27 PH Sniper Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/28 Civil Guard Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/28-30 Civil Guard Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/39 SOV Sniper Rifle
-    ADDED: [FIN] Panzerschreck (+3 color variants)
-    ADDED: [SOV] M/91-30 Mosin Nagant
-    ADDED: [SOV] M/91-30 Mosin Nagant (PEM)
-    ADDED: [SOV] M/91-30 Mosin Nagant (PU)
-    ADDED: [SOV] SVT-38
-    ADDED: [SOV] SVT-40
-    ADDED: [SOV] SVT-40 PU
-    ADDED: [SOV] PPD-34
-    ADDED: [SOV] PPD-34/38
-    ADDED: [SOV] PPD-40
-    ADDED: [SOV] PPSh-41
-    ADDED: [SOV] TT-33
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/91 Mosin Nagant
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/27 Pystykorva
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/39 Ukko-Pekka
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/39 PH Sniper Rifle
-    CHANGED: Most if not all of the weapon textures
-    CHANGED: Accuracy, recoil, ROF, mass, and AI behaviour tweaks
-    CHANGED: Zeroing for most weapons
-    CHANGED: Nagant reload animations & sounds
-    CHANGED: Most weapon reload animations


-    ADDED: [FIN] M/44 Sokaisupullo
-    ADDED: [SOV] RDG-1
-    ADDED: [SOV] RGD-33
-    ADDED: [SOV] RGD-42
-    ADDED: [SOV] F1
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] Molotov Cocktail
-    CHANGED: All textures of the Finnish grenades and explosives!


Static Weapons:
-    ADDED: 50mm RM-38
-    ADDED: 81 KrH 32
-    ADDED: 37 PstK 36
-    ADDED: 45mm AT-Gun Obr. 37
-    ADDED: 76mm Regimental Gun Obr. 27
-    ADDED: 76mm Divisional Gun Obr. 36
-    ADDED: 152mm Howitzer Obr. 38
-    ADDED: Raised variants of the Maxim M/09-21
-    FIXED: 76 K 02 related issues. Artillery computer works now (hopefully!)

-    ADDED: Vickers 6-ton
-    ADDED: T-26 obr. 1931
-    ADDED: T-26 obr. 1933
-    ADDED: T-26 obr. 1938
-    ADDED: T-26-K obr. 1933
-   ADDED: T-26E ”Vickers”
-    ADDED: KhT-130
-    ADDED: T-28 obr. 1938
-    ADDED: T-28-K obr.1938
-    ADDED: T-28E


-    ADDED: [FIN] M/22-36 Greatcoats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/27 Uniforms
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/27 Snowsuits
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/30 Greatcoats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/36 Greatcoats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/36 Leather Jackets
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 31 Polushubuks
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 32 Telogreikas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35 Shinels
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35 Gimnasterkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35-41 Shinels
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35 Gimnasterkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 37 Camouflage Uniforms
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/36 Summer Tunic
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/36 Uniform
-    FIXED: Shadow issues on Norwegian Civilian clothing

-    ADDED: [FIN] M/16 Helmets
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/18 Helmets
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/22 Field Caps
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/22 Fur Hats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/22 Officer Caps
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/26 Helmets
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/27 Civil Guard Field Caps
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/27 Fur hats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/36 Hats with piping
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/39 Officer Fur hats
-    ADDED: [FIN] M/39 Fur Hat opened variants
-    ADDED: [GER] M35 Helmets
-    ADDED: [GER] M40 Helmets
-    ADDED: [GER] M42 Helmets
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 27 Budenovkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 31 Finkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35 Furazhkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 35 Pilotkas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Obr. 40 Ushankas
-    ADDED: [SOV] SSh-36
-    ADDED: [SOV] SSh-38
-    ADDED: [SOV] SSh-40
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/17 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/33 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/34 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/35 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/36 Field Caps
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/37 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/38 Helmets
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/39 Side Caps
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/39 Fur Hats
-    NEW MODEL: [FIN] M/40 Helmets

-    ADDED: [FIN] Balaclavas
-    ADDED: [FIN] Scarves
-    ADDED: [FIN] Glasses
-    ADDED: [FIN] Sunglasses
-    ADDED: [FIN] Medical armband
-    ADDED: [SOV] Balaclavas
-    ADDED: [SOV] Scarves
-    ADDED: [SOV] Glasses
-    ADDED: [SOV] Guards Badge
-    ADDED: Various types of gloves


- ADDED: 49 Finnish gearing variants
- ADDED: 20 Soviet gearing variants
- ADDED: [FIN] Kyynel radio (TFAR-compatible)
- ADDED: [FIN] Molotov Bag
- ADDED: [FIN] Panzershreck Frame
- ADDED: [SOV] Gasmask Bag
- ADDED: [SOV] M35 Backpack
- ADDED: [SOV] M38 Backpack
- ADDED: [SOV] Meshok
- ADDED: [SOV] Shinel
- NEW MODEL: [FIN] Gasmask Bag
- NEW MODEL: [FIN] Breadbag
- CHANGED: All other Finnish backpacks textures updated


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This mod is looking so very very good. Looking forward to playing on it with my group in the future. I've only tested it out a little but everything is looking and sounding great. Only issue I've found is that the rear MG view on the T-28E seems obstructed by the tank itself when aiming in most angles. Maybe something to look into.


Keep up the good work! Loving it!


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I do really like this mod good work I must say. I would really like to see the The Rikstanken Light Tank in the Norwegian army it was the only tank they had and they also had 3 armored cars the Panserbil 21, Panserbil 22 and Panserbil 23. And that is all of the armored forces of Norway in WW2 and would really like to these vehicles.

Here are some info about them.

Rikstanken: https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/category/ww2-norwegian-armor/

Panserbil 21: http://aviarmor.net/tww2/armored_cars/norge/panserbil_21.htm

Panserbil 22 and Panserbil 23:http://aviarmor.net/tww2/armored_cars/norge/panserbil_22.htm

Hope its possible to see them in The Northern Fronts - Scandinavia in WW2 mod for Arma 3.


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Hello, i'd like to report a bug with this mod while using ACE (Specifically ACE Advanced Throwing) where you are unable to prime/cookoff your grenade anymore. 

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Love this mod, absolutely adore it, but I'd like to know is there a chance we could see more WW1 era stuff? As mhm far as I know there was quite a bit used still during the winter war, be that weapons and even gear. Stuff like the Fedorov or even Imperial Russian clothing of Finns and Russians. 

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I've got to say I am impressed with the work you've done with this mod. I will not play a WW2 scenario without it loaded.

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Thanks for the warm words here! 😃


We have been bit more quiet in here but there has been some progress on the mod in the meanwhile (although now bit slower due summer heat and all ). We've actually bought a Fedorov model and it will be included in the next patch of the mod. Here is a small recap of progress we've shown on Discord and Twitter, but have forgot to post here (sorry for that).


The next update will contain the BT-series of tanks, Soviet marines, some new infantry and static weapons. In addition Soviet gearing has been much improved in terms of quality. There is also new T-26 variants.

















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Love those outfits in that first pic - ok i love ALL those pics! Def ready  for some new WW2 action keep going man!

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