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workarounds for these mp issues?

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i've come along some problems with my missions in multiplayer and now i'm wondering, if there are some workarounds for them.


1. sometimes players can't pick up items from dead bodys. this is a arma classic by now. any ideas how i can minimize the change of it happening?


2. sometimes a mobile spawnpoint (tent) is not available for certain players, while it is for others. also disconnecting and rejoining does not help for the client, who cannot see the spawn point. repacking and resetting the tent does not help either. any ideas?


3. animals (from the animals modules) either don't spawn in MP, or they do spawn but are completely static. i noticed that there are different animal modules, but i haven't had success with either of them. any ideas? i really need some sheep in my missions!


4. the first shot fired from the new VLS on the liberty destroyer doesnt't work. there is a sound and VLS reloads, but the missile does not actually show. the second shot and following shot seem fine. it's not a game-breaker but a bit of an imemrsion killer...


5. not a real issue, but i will add this here, instead of making a seperate thread: a player that entered ZEUS mode, will still have some UI on his screen, even when he leaves ZEUS (i think it is the ticket counter on the right, if i remember correctly). is there a way to limit ZEUS UI to the time actually being in ZEUS mode?


thanks for you help:)

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1. hidebody or grave code from EH

2. set respawnposition update by code from XEH,  weaponassembled EH?

3. Script it server side


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Point 1:

I never see this anymore. I used to get it in A3 Alpha but that is about it. When I do see it though, it is either down to incorrect coding, mods or server desync/lag.

Point 2:

Create your own or modify the BIS function and recompile as your own.

Point 3:

I don't think it is suppose to be MP compatible. Search for third party script or create your own.

Point 5:

Find the display control IDC for the ticket counter and hide it. Or if the ticket counter is it's own standalone display. Close that.

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