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Hello Gamers,


Did you ever play Breaking Point at some point? If you did and you enjoyed it or you haven't yet, then you're in luck. Salty Vets Squad Gaming Group is opening up a Arma 3 Breaking point server for everyone to come play on and enjoy. You do not need to join a group or clan to play on our server, however if you so wish to you are welcome to join either the Salty Vets Squad or Orion Gamers. All you have to do is subscribe to the Breaking Point Mod by Deathlyrage on the Arma 3 workshop and then join our server. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Below is the Server Name & Address, TeamSpeak address and, website to the parent group of Salty Vets Squad Gaming Group! 


Come and enjoy and bring your friends! 


Website Information


TeamSpeak Information



Arma III Server Information "Please Favorite in case the port changes"

- Server name: Salty Vets Squad BreakingPoint Server

- Server Address:


- Server name: Salty Vets Squad - Overthrow

- Server Address:


Other Games:

Space Engineers - Server On Website

Empyrion - Server On Website

Ark "Server Coming Soon"

SCUM "Server Coming Soon"


More games coming soon!

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