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So, I have a 4K laptop with a 1080 etc.. And I want to live stream to twitch however because twitch is behind the times they don't allow 4k streaming. Of course, youtube does... Does anyone currently broadcast their streams in 4K with a laptop? If so, how do you go about doing it?

Also, I am wondering if anyone is doing twitch and youtube simultaneously - if they had any issues with that. 

Any constructive help (not speculation) would be greatly appreciated.

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Generally I don’t recommend 4K streams for the following reason:

  • requires too much bandwidth
  • is limited in DVR (video replay) to 60min (4-12hours with 1080p) on YouTube 
  • requires very high Bitrate
  • high Hardware requirements
  • few benefits for a small audience

Arma 3 overall requires very large bitrate (larger bit rate = less image compression) to look decent. Larger compared to most games.

I would instead stick to 1080p, with the largest possible Bitrate that YouTube allows for it (or your bandwidth). Resolution is not everything.


Dual stream is possible, but I doubt you can do it at 4K with decent quality (band with limitations). Thanks to OBS 1-2 streams won’t use up all of your CPU, but not knowing what Hardware your Laptop has, it’s possible that you might reach your Hardware limitations in the long run.

If you want to dual stream, your best choice would be with a 2nd PC that does the streaming for you. 


Usually just try different setups and see for yourself what’s best, and what you Laptop can handle. 

Make test streams, and check CPU/GPU and bandwidth usage/ temperatures while doing so. That will give you an indication where the limits are.

Go for quality instead of quantity. Expand if you have an audience that would make higher resolution/dual stream worth it.

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First, I never stated my bandwidth which is gigabit, so that isn't a concern. 


Second, benefits to you maybe not a big deal but to others it surely its. So that is your opinion only.


Third, there is a device out there built to help stream in 4k by using a type of compression but it's for desktops only. Wondering if there was another device built for laptops.



Thanks for your input




As far as specs:

Acer Predator 17 X GX-792-77BL 17.3" UHD (3840x2160) Gaming Laptop ( Intel Core i7-7820HK, 64GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 PRO, 1080 GTX full card not mobile.)

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