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ArmAKotH.com - King Of The Hill - 1944 - Tango Down - EU #1

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Lets put King Of The Hill 1944 Back on the Map!


I have noticed that Europe doesn't have a King Of The Hill 1944 Server and as of NOW Tango Down is the only community hosting a 1944 in the EU!, for ANYONE who wishes to play KOTH 1944 Please feel free to join the server I welcome anyone on my servers, it is running the latest v10 server version so all your stats will be saved to the global database no need to back up your documents anymore!

The Discord server is also linked here: https://discord.gg/Nk2Q8ed


All you need are the following mods linked here:
These are the mods which you'll need to subscribe to so that you can play King of the Hill 1944.






Here's the direct connect Information below:

Server IP:
Port: 2300


There are some 2x XP codes that can also be used on this server as well!

I hope to see you on my server all the best to who ever reads this



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Tonight at 7:00 GMT (UK Time) The launch of ArmAKotH.com - King Of The Hill - 1944 - Tango Down EU will commence and we are welcoming anyone and everyone who wants to help revive Arma 3 King Of The Hill 1944 community and bring back those nostalgic times! Connection info for "Direct Connect" or you can filter "King Of The Hill" and "Tango Down" to find the server Server IP: Port: 2300 Also every Friday is First Person Friday, in which the server During the early hours of the morning is switched into the Veteran difficulty to switch things up a bit and create a challenge for players used to playing with Third Person.

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Guys you all know what day it is its Friday so that can only mean one thing! "FIRST PERSON FRIDAY!" from 12AM to 12PM First person has been disabled and the servers difficulty has been switched to Veteran please enjoy and good luck to all with the Challenge!


More information can be found on our Discord server stay tuned to this thread for future updates and challenges!

Discord: https://discord.gg/mUcHzNn


Recently a player made a video on our server we feel it would do him and the server justice

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