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Ideas on making the end game better.

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When I was speaking to my friends we all had the same thought.  The end game . Yes it's fun to grind to build your base , but what after? I'm sure you guys at bohemia will add the ability for others to visit your base but what about taking home base end games and the whole idea of a home base to a whole other level?. Here is what I was thinking , i pitched my idea to several people and they all agreed it will make the grind in vigor worth it after the end game and keep us playing for a long time to come

1.Base raiding and defense building- I'm not saying tower defense,  but what about allowing a co-op team of players or maybe a squad to attack your base and add the factor of having to grind for materials such as wire or electronic parts to build turrets,  electric defenses,  barbed wire, bear traps and much more to defend your base. This will add the factor of the strategy for both the attackers and the defenders to make a plan in order to successfully raid or defend a base . Eliminating the endgame being pointless after maxing out .

2.A.I Hire list-This in a way if part of the defending and attacking idea . What if you're not there to defend your base with a buddy ? Maybe allowing the ability to hire 4 or more ai to defend your base and paying them in a currency such as material or a cut of the loot from the attackers gear ?. And the other way around what if you and your buddy want to take one or more a.i to aid in attacking ? It would be limited to 2 in a duo or not available to be hired if your taking a squad to attack. This will add even more ways to strategize before you attack or defend . Having 3 ai if you're defending with a friend . Maybe add a Cheaper a.i hire being, yes cheaper and you get what you pay for,  or expensive and itll be worth the cost . 

3. Co-Op or squads - 12 players per lobby in co op or 16 in squads . Allowing 6 teams in co op . Or 4 squads in squads . And the defending and attacking is detailed above.  


Yes these are ideas,  and its diffrent than actually developing the game . Maybe these ideas are not possible but me and a bunch of people all agreed this game would be a gem with everything above.  Thank you for reading and see you in the post world .

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1. Maybe...if done right. Would be good if that was a game mode. Being able to choose if you want to be raided. Getting attacked all the time would be a pain, and fit for another game. 

The start of the game could be an jerry-rigged alarm going off up in the woods. Maybe have your team, and the attackers, come in from spawn points around the map; maybe to leave you to prepare and set traps in preparation. Could use some of the proven code from freeform maybe. Beartraps sound amazing by the way; maybe an Ewok log trap too!


2. Heck NO. AI have proven to be stupid, time and time again. I want to go against real people. Real players are what make games like this what they are. Amazing and very unpredictable.


3. The ability to team up, even a tense pairing, would be amazing. Do you trust this stranger? Will he shoot you in the back, or will you both part ways amicably at the extraction point? Who gets the crate?

Team "modes" isn't what this game is about I believe. Having said that, it might be nice to have some backup if I was in a raid match.. Freeform teams could be awesome if done right. The gestures could be utilized in meeting and greeting (a wave), or sealing a tentative partnership (a handshake perhaps).

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