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Create faction with custom faces/voices/facewear

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Hello !


I'm trying to create a faction using a config.cpp, I am able to give them the gear I want, but I am struggling to make units with a the right subset of faces/voices/facewear.

For example, I'd like to have units featuring only : African faces, chinese voices and sunglasses only.


I strongly believe that to achieve this I have to edit indentityTypes in the CfgVehicles :

identityTypes[] = {"LanguageENGB_F","Head_NATO","G_NATO_default"};

But I couldn't find any description of the content of the fields, nor a list of the Languages and Heads "pools" I can use in identityTypes.


Would somebody mind sharing some information ?

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Loot at in your config viewer (from console). Go to configfile >> "CfgFaces" >> "Man_A3" or  configfile >> "CfgVoice"


then look at the identityTypes [] token. Example: configfile >> "CfgVoice" >> "Male02FRE" >> "identityTypes"  will return  {"LanguageFRE_F"};


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