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[Recruiting][A3][US/NA][Casual Milsim] 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

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About Us:



The 1st Ranger Battalion is a realism unit dedicated to Arma 3, soon to be adding . We call ourselves a "Realism Unit" due to the fact that We attempt to emulate real military units and tactics, with real military gear. We utilize a rank system and chain of command for organisation and immersion. We also train together regularly, and organize scrims and operations in PVE

Our Community


The unit is also about a sense of community in addition to realism. You are going to be held to a higher standard of maturity and activity in our unit, established July of 2011. Honor - Respect - Unity - Duty - these are just a few words that describe what the 1st Ranger Battalion is all about. Our members earn additional rank by participating and helping run the unit, not through individual skill. And while we remain competitive, we place a higher premium on teamwork and participation.

We pride ourselves in keeping all unit activities well-organized. Tired of groups who screw around and don't keep things moving? You'll find none of that here. We focus on enjoyment, fun, making sure we're all getting the best out of what makes the games we love great.


Enlist Today!

If you want to be apart of a brotherhood of gamers who thrive on dedication, discipline, and teamwork, then this is the place for you. Currently at over 40 members strong, we are continuing to grow by the day. To find out more about us, including our structure and gameplay style, follow the links on the right.

If you join up, you will be rolled into our next Basic Training class. The two week program will cover tactics and provide an introduction to how the unit works. The emphasis in Training is the fire team, and working together. No matter your own skill level, you will need to get used to relying on others and following orders.

Visit our enlistment office and fill out an application today. Do you think you have what it takes to experience realism and gameplay like you never have before? You better be ready - because Rangers Lead the Way.



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