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Bugs, glitches and malfunctions

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Here is a list of bugs, glitches and malfunctions I have experienced thus far after many hours of gameplay. 


  1. Shooting/fighting
  • Gun accuracy- I have experienced many times the guns firing well outside of the crosshairs
  • Sound glitch- guns lose firing sound mid fight
  • During fighting i get stuck in an animation where I can not shoot, reload or do anything except walk as if im about to hip fire
  • I get stuck in a reload animation as well
  • Using the spas you have to load all rounds before you can fire
  • player sync to server, i experience opponents lagging/teleportation/ disappearing and reappearing in odd locations during fights
  • Switching weapons often does happen for whatever reason


       2. Game crashes-

  • I have experienced several crashes in game(pretty frustrating if your in fight) 
  • You lose all your loot when this happens


       3. Healing

  • I have to cycle the healing process twice before i can actually start healing
  • Healing with painkillers seems to not work at all ( this could be a misunderstanding of how they work, please clarify the painkillers and how they should work)
  • switching between healing items and weapons seems to get stuck and takes a few time cycling the guns to be able to pull out your gun


       4. Looting-

  • Trying to loot player chest, cars or random map loot can be difficult. Please make this much easier asap. Its way to difficult to get the "loot button "x" "to appear
  • Some random loot items are not lootable whatsoever 
  • If you kill an opponent in the water, their loot box is nearly impossible to loot
  • Stabbing and shotgun kills often send the dead opponents loot box flying far away from deceased location or even off the map


       5. Sounds

  • gun sounds need to be more consistent
  • the water is much to loud, standing at a distance from the water still sounds like you are standing right next to it
  • footstep sounds seem to be very inconsistent. Sometimes you can hear opponents, sometimes you cant
  • Crouching footsteps should be quieter than running
  • I feel that my footsteps are much to loud for me. I feel like im an elephant stomping


        6. Visuals

  • The snow maps have a rendering glitch where much of the trees are bright pink
  • the plane that drops the crate is not visible for me whatsoever
  • opponents disappear at a certain distance ( this distance seems much shorter than some guns can shoot
  • When carrying the crate the yellow marker seems very inaccurate or delayed( should probably increase the frequency of its appearance) 
  • little to no hit recognition ( guns and knives) 
  • when at the shelter, if you have guns in your inventory, those guns ammo falsely appears in your ammo inventory even though you have none equipped


        7. Mantling

  • Jumping/ mantling / climbing certain fences and areas does not work and or has a funky animation
  • jumping / mantling/ climbing fences near ramps seems to never work
  • some logs and other objects are completely impassable that seem very passable as well as some small ledges



Please address the topics as quickly as you can. I strongly feel if you do not this game will not be successful. I have spent a lot of time playing this game, keeping in mind that these things will be fixed. I also have streamed your game a lot, convincing many people to get the game and to take the time to learn it and be patient that these things will be fixed in time. I have put several hours into the game and cant wait until it is complete. I am happy to provide you with any additional information you may need to address these issues or future bugs I may find or, anything else you think i can assist you with. If you need anything, feel free to contact me anytime.





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Nunro...great job...you've been very detailed! Impressive feedback!


Thank You!

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