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gunshiping... solo

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so I spend a lot of time playing arma by myself so this is something that I would enjoy. whats the best way to control the main gun as the pilot? I'll include a few ideas I had and hopefully someone can provide some insight towards a better solution.



        private _laser = ("LaserTargetW" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]);
        private _gunner = ((group player) createUnit ["B_soldier_F", [0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE"]);

        missionNamespace setVariable ["LASE", _laser];
        missionNamespace setVariable ["GUN", _gunner];

        _gunner moveInAny (vehicle player);

        hideObject _gunner;
        _gunner setSpeaker "NoVoice";
        _gunner setSkill 1;
        _gunner disableAI "TARGET";
        _gunner disableAI "AUTOTARGET";
        _gunner disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT";
        _gunner disableAI "FSM";
        (group player) setBehaviour "COMBAT";
        (group player) setCombatMode "BLUE";

        [_laser,_gunner] spawn {
            _laser = (_this param [0]);
            _gunner = (_this param [1]);

            waitUntil {
                _laser setPos (AGLtoASL (screenToWorld [.5,.5]));
                //_gunner reveal _laser;
                //_gunner doTarget _laser;
                (not (missionNamespace getVariable "laserOn"))

        _gunner commandTarget _laser;

or use an actual laser




AH99 animateSource ["MainTurret", -rad 90];
AH99 animateSource ["MainGun", rad 30];

what do you guys think? are there better ideas or methods? thanks.



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