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Enabling BattleEye preventing all players from connecting?

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I'm running a new ARMA3 Windows Dedicated Server, installed using SteamCMD and configured with TADST v3.1.0; I've had the server running for a while but since enabling BattleEye no one has been able to connect to it on the first try (including myself). Attempting to connect from the launcher results in a "Battleye initialization failed" error, but if you then attempt to reconnect to the server from inside the game after it kicks you it works (at least, it does for me), though obviously the vast majority of players won't attempt this and will simply move on.


Here's some screenshots of my config (click for larger):






The only other thing I could think of that might be related to the issue is that the mission I'm using does not have a .pbo (it just runs straight from the folder), but I'm pretty sure it didn't have one back when people were able to connect to the server either (before I enabled BE), so I'm not sure if that's related or not.


Any help would be appreciated, it gets a bit boring playing alone. =P

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proving a vanilla server with only vanilla content should be your first step.

No point in even trying a custom mission until you can achieve stability at the base level

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