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Setting up proxies in Object Builder

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I'm making a plane and trying to mimic the sample model plane as much as possible. It has proxies for bombs on the pylons so I'm currently trying to do proxies for my plane and struggling due to almost zero documentation online for how to actually create a proxy in Object Builder.


-In Blender, in the resolution LOD, I built a triangle on each pylon marking the location and made them a vertex group named "ProxyPylon1", "ProxyPylon2", etc. and export with the Arma Toolbox for Blender
-In Oxygen, I right-click that selection and click "Move Selection to Proxy (All LODS)".

-Then I direct it to "P:\a3\weapons_f\dynamicloadout\pylonmissile_1x_bomb_02_f.p3d" and click OK.

-It pops up a window that says "Proxy object P:/[etc.] already exists, overwrite?"

-I click "Yes" and it does two things: 1) renames my selection to "proxy:...\pylonmissile_1x_b..." (much is truncated by the window) and 2) moves the triangle to 0,0,0, i.e. not on the pylon.

-If I now start Bulldozer, there is no apparent change and no bomb shows on the pylon or anywhere I can see.

I can't find anything online actually describing how to set up a proxy. I'm betting what I'm doing above is wrong, somehow. I've tried a few variations on the above with no success. So, how do you actually do it?

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