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Epsilon Community (here forth called: Epsilon.) is a semi-serious, modification intensive and player-first community. Our primary focus is on the game: Arma 3.


Please feel free to hop onto our discord for a chat or to ask any questions.


We are looking for any players that wish to enjoy the following content:

- Utilising quality scripting along with excellent Zeus co-ordination, allowing for the correct pace for both the player and Zeus.

- Striving to achieve excellent team play and allow for the best combat experience, with realistic tactics and communication.

- Our missions being curation with each community suggestion in mind.


With having over 33 members and counting, we always for ways to keep things fresh, but still familiar. Epsilon is built from the perspective of each of our member's opinions formed through polls and general discussion.


You can view all of our relevant pieces of information at:

-- General Information

- Website: https://epsilon.community


-- Communication Outlets

- Discord: https://discord.epsilon.community

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/EpsilonCmty

- YouTube: https://yt.epsilon.community


-- In Game

- TeamSpeak: ts.epsilon.community

- Server 1: s1.epsilon.community:2312 - Arma 3 Server - Private Modded Operations

- Server 2: s1.epsilon.community:2322 - Arma 3 Server - Public Liberation

- Server 3: s1.epsilon.community:2332 - Arma 3 Server - Public Warlords

- Server 4: s1.epsilon.community:2342 - Arma 3 Server - Public Modded Liberation

- Server 5: s1.epsilon.community:2352 - Arma 3 Server - Private Modded Antistasi

Private = Passworded.
Modded = Uses Mods.


-- Specific Documentation

- Modification Lists and Download File: https://mods.epsilon.community





-- Misc Links

- Arma 3 Units Page: https://units.epsilon.community

- FAQ Page: https://faq.epsilon.community


Please feel free to hop onto our discord for a chat or to ask any questions.

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