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Can't see custom map in editor list

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I just finished the PMC tutorial for terrain creation word by word and I successfully created a pbo file for my first custom map without any errors showing. I was able to download the map as a mod in Arma 3 and verified that it was checked in the expansions section. However when I go to the editor my map does not show in the list.

This is the tutorial that I was talking about:


Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I'm new to terrain creation so please help me out here.

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Try adding the classname of the map you have made to the CfgWorldsList class. If it is named MyTerrain, then add it like this.


class CfgWorldList {
	class Altis;
	class Stratis;
	class VR;
	class Tanoa;
	class Malden;
	class Myterrain;

That is what you are missing I think. Put this after your CfgWorlds config.

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